The Intellectual Property Committee is appointed to decide on the management of the intellectual property of the University and to define University policy concerning the protection and valorization of intellectual property.
According to Article 11 of the UniTrento Intellectual Property Regulation, adopted with Rector's Decree no 539 of 22.07.2020 (available at the page Protection and valorization of intellectual property), the Committee:

  • decides, on behalf of the University, on intellectual property assignment proposals;
  • decides on the first filing, on the extension and the maintenance of patents;
  • decides on the expressions of interest for valorization of intellectual property;   
  • decides on agreements concerning the economic exploitation of intangible assets (patents, copyrights);
  • drafts criteria, guidelines and procedures on the protection and valorization of intellectual property;
  • decides on changes to the forms in use.

Members for the 2023-2026 term

  • Alessandro Rossi (President) - Rector's delegate to Support for the business sector
  • Maria Caterina Mione - Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology - CIBIO
  • Marco Formentini - Department of Information engineering and computer science
  • Daniele Fontanelli - Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Giulia Dore - Department of Economics and Management