The patent commission is responsible for the decisions on the management of the University’s patents portfolio and for the definition of policies on industrial property protection.
The commission:

  • decides, on behalf of the University, on patent filing applications,
  • decides on agreements concerning the assignment of a patent, even if the patent is still pending,
  • decides on the extension of a patent,
  • decides on the maintenance of patents,
  • submits opinions on the legal instruments aimed at the economic exploitation of patents,
  • drafts criteria, guidelines and procedures on the protection and valorisation of industrial property,
  • promotes fundraising initiatives,
  • decides on proposed changes to the forms in use.

Members for the 2018-2021 term

  • Flavio Deflorian (President) - Rector's delegate for industry relations
  • Roberta Cuel - Department of Economics and Management
  • Simonetta Vezzoso - Department of Economics and Management
  • Giuseppe Riccardi - Department of Information engineering and computer science
  • Roberto Sennen Brusa - Department of Physics