Until cycle 36: Information and Communication Technology

Director: Prof. Elisa Ricci
Deputy-director: Prof. Roberto Passerone

1) Computer Science
2) Telecommunications

Aims of the programme

The Doctoral Programme in Information Engineering and Computer Science (until cycle 36: Information and Communication Technology) operates within the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science.
The doctorate programme delivers the skills necessary to conduct advanced research at universities, public bodies, or private organizations for the purpose of advancing scientific and technological progress and creating a managerial class with a high-level professional culture and a corresponding international openness. The specific objective of the doctorate programme is to train professionals able to develop high-quality and innovative information and telecommunication systems addressed to solving complex problems. It also pursues the goal of enhancing the doctoral students’ entrepreneurial abilities by furnishing specific training and opportunities to undertake internships. In general, professional growth is fostered within the following various areas of interest:
Cyber Security; Data Intelligence; Deep and Structured Machine Learning; Embedded Intelligence and Robotics Systems; Language Speech and Interaction; Machine Learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN; Multimedia Signal Processing and Understanding; Next Generation Networks; Quantum Information and Computing; Remote and Distributed Sensing; Signal Processing and Recognition; Social Informatics; Software Engineering and Formal Methods; Systems and Networks.

The Doctoral Programme in Information Engineering and Computer Science encourages transdisciplinary programmes to pursue the promotion of cross-disciplinary research within the PhD programme, the training of PhD students with cross-disciplinary skills and the increase of collaborations with the other institutions.
The available transdisciplinary programmes are:

  • “Space Data Science and Technology”, in collaboration with the Doctoral Programme in Physics (UniTrento);
  • “Quantum Science and Technologies”, in collaboration with the Doctoral Programmes of UniTrento, in: Physics; Mathematics; Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering; Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering.

Scientific areas:

ING-IND/35 Management Engineering
INF/01  Computer science
ING-INF/01  Electronics

ING-INF/02 Electromagnetic fields
ING-INF/03  Telecommunication
ING-INF/05  Information Processing and Computer Engineering
​ING-INF/06 Electronics and Computer Bioengineering

Duration: 3 years

Official language: English.

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