Director: Prof. Valter Moretti
Deputy-director:  Prof.ssa Veronica Vinciotti

As from the 30th cycle, the PhD in Mathematics is activated in cooperation with the University of Verona (as for par. 2 of art. 2 of DM 45/2013).

Educational aims

The Doctoral programme is defined and structured so to achieve excellent training for skilled students, preparing them for research in some of the main fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics.


  1. General Mathematics
  2. Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing (MOMACS)
  3. Cryptography and coding theory
  4. Mathematical and computational biology
  5. ​Mathematical applications to Quantum Science and Technologies

Scientific Areas

Mat/01 - Mathematical Logic
Mat/02 - Algebra
Mat/03 - Geometry
Mat/04 - Mathematics Education And History Of Mathematics
Mat/05 - Mathematical Analysis
Mat/06 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Mat/07 - Mathematical Physics
Mat/08 - Numerical Analysis
Mat/09 - Operational Research
Secs-s/01 - Statistics
Secs-S/06 - Mathematical Methods of Economics, Finance and Actuarial Sciences 
Inf/01 - Information Science

Duration: 3 years

Official language: English and Italian.

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