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Last activated academic year 2018/2019

Director: Prof. Fulvio Ferrari
Deputy-Director: Prof. Caterina Mordeglia


  • Linguistics, Philology and Criticism
  • Greek and Latin Texts

Educational Aims

The Doctorate aims to the specialized study, with scientific methodologies, of different types of texts, from those traditionally ascribed to the literary genres to those produced in different cultural areas.

This general goal is specified through the particular aims of the two curricula.

The curriculum Linguistica, Filologia e Critica has the purpose of preparing the students to the analysis and the interpretation of modern, typologically different texts (produced starting from the Middle Age to nowadays; realized in different languages and even scarcely standardized linguistic varieties). To this objective various methodological and critical instruments will be presented and employed.

The curriculum Greek and Latin Texts has the training purpose of studying the texts written in classical languages during the ancient, the medieval and the Reinassance period. This study concerns critical, linguistic, literary aspects of the texts and considers the context in which they are produced, the modes and the history of their transmission, as well as the strategies of their reception.

The research areas involved in achieving the objectives presented are addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective that prefers the comparative study of the phenomena.

In the two curricula students will be trained to research through methodological classes, disciplinary and interdisciplinary workshops and tutorials (both at the administrative seat and at other Italian and foreign institutions), where the development of research projects will be discussed.

Official languages: Italian

Duration: 3 years