Programme director: prof. Gian Antonio Benacchio
Deputy-director: prof. Federico Puppo


  1. Private Law, Comparative Private Law and Commercial Law
  2. Administrative, Constitutional and International Law
  3. Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law
  4. The History of Roman Law and of  the European concept of law
  5. Substantive and Procedural Labour Law

Study Programme

The Doctoral Programme in Comparative and European Legal Studies does not only have academic goals: the teaching is based on comparative profiles of legal experience and the courses are organized to connect the five different curricula.
Some lessons are in English, even though most of them are held in Italian.
This kind of teaching is necessary to give a solid preparation to students, who can target it in all fields of law. New professional figures can also find this course very helpful, such as officers of the European Union or other international bodies, managers in the public administration who relate to foreign experiences or managers of private companies who have to carry out market strategies in foreign countries.

Scientific Areas

Every academic discipline listed for Italian University research and teaching in area 12 – Law

Duration: 3 years