Programme director: prof. Federico Puppo
Deputy-director: prof. Ugo Malvagna

Study Programme

The Doctoral Course in Comparative and European Law Studies aims at academic and extra-academic objectives.
At academic level, the objective is the training of a legal expert focusing in particular on transnational phenomena, thanks to a sound interdisciplinary preparation.

The courses' contents analyse the comparative, diachronic and synchronic profiles of the juridical experiences, and the connections among the subjects which are at the basis of specializations.
Ph.D. students are required to attend, independently from the annual specialised courses which are activated every year, cross-subject courses, which are focused on topics of shared interest, i.e. the economic analysis of the protection of fundamental rights, the method of legal comparison, the evolution of the European juridical philosophy, from theory to the interpretation of the juridical consequences of the globalization processes.

Every module is mainstreamed with different disciplinary experiences. For example the juridical comparison profiles are examined in relation to private law, public law, criminal law, procedural law, etc. - External teachers are also called to teach, sometimes their courses are held in English.

The cross-reference of the different subjects is very strong, above all on topics such as the protection of fundamental rights, where an integrated model is also central, which is based on the permanent comparison between substantial and procedural profiles.
This teaching method aims at training a law expert who will be able to adapt to the local circumstances all topics, without losing sight of the transnational and disciplinary historical connections which have always marked the legal knowledge.

Scientific Areas

Every academic discipline listed for Italian University research and teaching in area 12 – Law

Duration: 3 years