Application for final examination and degree

Doctoral candidates enrolled in their last year of the programme in the A.Y. 2017/2018 (as well as candidates who applied for an extension last academic year) must apply for admission to the final examination.
Only doctoral candidates enrolled in the 29th or 30th cycle can apply for a deferral of the thesis submission to the following academic year.

How to submit your application (starting from 14 June 2018)
The request shall be submitted only via online procedure, available after the login into the Esse3 system, by clicking on “Degree Award”. For more information about the application, see the instructions available in the “Guidelines to the online application”.

Deadline: October 2, 2018
Please note: Doctoral candidates who obtained a period of suspension during the PhD Programme, and therefore have a different deadline of the third year, will receive specific instructions by the relevant PhD Office.

Stamp duty and other fees
For admission to the final examination/evaluation procedure a contribution (“final examination contribution”) of € 72,00 (which includes two duty stamps of € 16,00)  is due. The payment has to be made by MAV bank transfer at the end of the application. 

Delivery and evaluation of the doctoral thesis:
Final examination for candidates enrolled in cycle 28 and previous
Final examination for candidates enrolled from cycle 29 onward

AlmaLaurea Questionnaire
In order to know the opinion of the PhD Candidates about the services provided by our University, UniTrento and AlmaLaurea prepared a questionnaire to be filled in at the moment of the request for admission to the final examination.
Please, follow the instructions given in the Esse3 procedure and in the “Guidelines to the online application”.
You will be also required to provide a set of personal information on your CV. The aggregate data, in anonymous form, are used by the Ministry to evaluate the universities and by Almalaurea to carry out surveys on graduates. Some information will be integrated in the individual graduate CV which will be registered in the database of AlmaLaurea only if the graduate agrees.

Doctor Europaeus and final examination in the framework of a co-tutelle de thèse agreement
PhD students interested in obtaining the label of Doctor Europaeus may visit the webpage
PhD students on a co-tutelle programme are invited to carefully check with the hosting institution the necessary requirements to be awarded the degree.

Delivery of the doctorate diploma

If not directly given at the end of the successful final examination session, within three months after successful final examination doctorate diplomas are usually ready for delivery at the Divisione Supporto Corsi di Dottorato e Alta Formazione (see in the box “contacts”).
You will be noticed when your diploma is available you will be notified.  
You can collect your diploma in person. Should you decide to have it collected by another person or shipped via post, please fill in and send the relevant form available in the box “Download”.
In case of loss, theft or damage a duplicate of the diploma can be requested. Instructions can be found in the box  “Download”. 
Regarding the collection of diploma obtained in 1987-1998, it is required to contact MIUR, instead.

Email account after the award of the doctoral degree

The email account “username [at]”, which is assigned to all registered doctoral students, is deactivated after the award of the degree.
Doctoral title holders will be assigned a new email account with the extension “username [at]”. This account has no time limit and is accessible through the credentials already on your possession. The University of Trento will keep you posted  with notices or information via this account. Further information at