For the academic year 2017/2018 the University of Trento allocates doctoral students € 130/month as a contribution to lodging expenses.
Starting from a.y. 2018/2019 the contribution will be no longer paid as the relative share is included in the scholarship’s increase recently approved by the academic bodies of our University.


1) to be enrolled in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of a UNITrento Doctoral Programme (including “co-tutèlle de thèse” programmes) or in the 1st extension/postponement year (no less than 12 months). Doctoral students who submitted the request for final examination are NOT eligible for the contribution.

2) to have a lodging contract in the town where the doctoral programme has its seat or in one of the “Commuter” towns (see the list of “Comuni pendolari” in the “download” box). The contract must be officially registered by the “Agenzia delle Entrate”.

How the contribution is paid:

The contribution for the whole academic year  is paid in two installments:
- 1st installment: within the end of May (covering the number of months from the beginning of the A.Y. until April)
- 2nd installment: within the end of November (covering the number of months from May until the end of the A.Y.).

IMPORTANT: the contribution is allocated only for the months actually covered by the lodging contract or for fractions of months not less than 15 days.  Doctoral students enrolled in the 1st year can apply for the contribution starting from the date of enrolment (unless they were still enrolled in other UNITrento courses at the time).

How to apply:

The application must be prepared and submitted online at starting from January 18 until March 1, 2018.

Applications sent in different ways will not be accepted.

Mandatory documents: 

• copy of your valid ID document (Italian identity card or passport)

​• a copy of the rent contract and of the contract's registration to the Agenzia delle Entrate; alternatively to the copy of the contract, the Declaration Substituting Affidavit (Fac-simile n.1)

• for long-term contracts, please attach  the receipt of the last payment made to Agenzia delle Entrate. If the landlord opted for the so called “cedolare secca” the annual payment is not due.

if your name is not mentioned on the official contract, you must submit:
- a copy of the contract
- a copy of the communication to Agenzia delle Entrate stating the taking-over of the contract (in Italian “Integrazione/Subentro”); alternatively to the copy of the contract, the Declaration Substituting Affidavit of the Landlord (see Facsimile 2 - download box) stating the dates of beginning and end of the domicile and the monthly fee paid.

All the above mentioned documents have to be submitted every year, even in case of long-term contracts. Incomplete applications or requests arrived after the deadlines will not be considered.

Additions and Changes:

​Additional documents to the request already submitted within the deadline of March 2018 (e.g.: new contract, extension or early termination of the contract, changes related to personal data and tax situation…) must be submitted through a new application, available starting from September 2018.

NB: The Application for lodging contribution is subject to administrative checks; contributions received without the necessary requirements or on the basis of false statements will have to be given back (eg. early termination of the contract not communicated, etc.).

In the box Download a list of the possibilities of accommodation in Trento and surroundings is available.

FAQs on lodging contribution available in box Download.