ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION: 34th cycle – Academic Year 2018-2019 – Jointly run with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)

CALL 2018

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 30 AUGUST 2018, hrs. 4.00 PM (Italian time)
Link to the Application online

Positions: no. 20
Scholarships: no. 18
Positions without scholarship: no. 2
Supernumerary positions: no. 3
(see art. 7 of the call)

The scholarships are funded as follows:

Financier of scholarships


Topics of reserved scholarships[1]

University of Trento



University of Trento & Department of Physics


A - Non-equilibrium plasmas for the conversion of CO2
B - Space data science and technology Crowdsourced Street-Level Imagery

Universities of Trento & Innsbruck


C - Non-equilibrium dynamics and transition pathways of self-propelled nano-particles

University of Trento & FBK


D - Deep Learning for high energy physics

Department of Physics


E - Improving the sensitivity of the Virgo detector for gravitational waves
F - Neuromorphic computation with silicon photonics, calcolo neuromorfico con la fotonica in silicio (H2020-ERC BACKUP)
G - Optogenetics via integrated silicon photonics, Optogenetica attraverso la fotonica in silicio (H2020-ERC BACKUP)
H - Method development for protein modeling and simulation (H2020-ERC StG VARIAMOLS)
I - Protein structure and function-oriented dynamics H2020-ERC StG VARIAMOLS)



J-K -  Particle, astroparticle, nuclear, theoretical physics, related technologies and applications, including medical Physics
L - Development of silicon photomultipliers for space applications

FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler


M - Statistical Physics of complex multilayer networks



N - Quantum gases and superfluidity

[1] Reserved scholarships can only be assigned to those candidates who will ask for and obtain the specific eligibility.

For details on the reserved topics please see the box "Download".

The Academic year starts November 1, 2018

Announcement of selection:  Rector's Decree no. 466 of 18.06.2017, published in this webpage on 19.06.2018 – available in the “Download Box”*
*please note that only the Italian version of the call is legally binding, the English version is provided for information only.

Applicants are recommended to complete the online application well in advance before the deadline, in order to avoid possible technical problems or overcharge of the connection and/or of the application systems.

Assessment schedule: the assessment of qualifications will be held on September 3 and 4; interviews will be held from 17 to 21 September, 2018.

INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare BEC Fondazione Bruno Kessler ERC European Research Council