ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION: 36th cycle – Academic Year 2020/2021

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: expired 16 JULY 2020, hrs. 4.00 PM (+2 GMT)

NEWS: final rankings available in the "Download" box (posted on 09/09/2020)

Link to the Application on line

During the filling out of the application online candidates must choose which Research area(s) (max. 2, specifying the order of preference) they are interested to apply for.

Positions and scholarships increased after the publication of the call are in red (indicated with +).

Positions and scholarships are available on 2 distinct Research areas:

Research area A: Materials Science and Engineering
positions: 6
Scholarships: 5
of which 1 on reserved topics

A1: "Advanced fabrication technologies for bone-contacting medical devices" (funded by University of Trento and Department of Industrial Engineering)

Research area B: Mechatronics, Electronics and Operational research
Positions: 8+1
Scholarships: 7+1 (posted on 02/07/2020) of which 5 on reserved topics:

B1: "New optimal control methods for complex dynamical systems described by DAEs and/or neural networks" (funded by University of Trento and Department of Industrial Engineering)
B2: "Perception methods for Augmented Humans" (funded by the Department of Industrial Engineering)
B3: "Positioning Systems and ambient intelligence" (funded by University of Trento and Department of Industrial Engineering)
B4: "Energy-aware IoT Decentralized Smart Architectures" (funded by FBK)
B5: "Cellular IoT, AI and Blockchain for production chains" (funded by TIM S.p.A.)*
those intending to apply for the B5 scholarship, please proceed as follows:
- in case the application has not yet been submitted: access your online application, select the option “other” from the
menu “Description of the research project - Area B” ("Research area/s of interest” section) then proceed as for the other projects;
- in case the application has already been submitted: follow instructions provided in the call (see download box) as for additional documents (art. 3, c. 7) by attaching all documents required for reserved scholarships; in case the candidate, in the previous application, had already chosen two specific topics, please also detail the new priority.

Supernumerary positions (without scholarship, reserved to candidates with specific requirements, see art. 7 of the call):  2 (1 per each Research Area)
May also be admitted on additional positions candidates selected by special committees for admission related to specific international mobility programmes in which the University of Trento participates.

The Academic year starts on November 1, 2020.

Announcement of selection:  Rector's Decree no. 352 of 15.05.2020, published on this webpage on May 19, 2020 – available in the “Download Box”*
*please note that only the Italian version of the call is legally binding, the English version is provided for information only.

NB: Candidates are recommended to complete the online application well in advance before the deadline, in order to avoid possible technical problems or overcharge of the connection and/or of the application systems.

Examination's schedule: 
Assessment of qualifications:
July 29 and 30, 2020
Oral exams: August 31 and September 1, 2020 (schedule of interviews posted on 31/07/2020)

Assessment of qualifications results and candidates admitted to the oral examination: posted on 31/07/2020 (see "Download" box)

IMPORTANT: Following the COVID-19 health emergency, as an extraordinary measure to carry out the oral exams in telematic mode, all interviews will be held exclusively using audio-video connection tools, that will allow:
- the correct identification of the participants (through a webcam);
- the conduction of the oral test in a public form.
Further details will be defined by the Evaluation Committee and communicated to the admitted candidates.

Final rankings: posted on 09/09/2020 (see download box)

Deadline for enrollment to the first year:
admitted to a position with scholarship: September 17, 2020
admitted to a position without scholarship: September 23, 2020

Information about first year enrollment procedure available at the related web page .


Materials Science and Engineering: Biomaterials and biomedical technologies, Coatings and surface treatments, Corrosion and wear, Experimental characterization and numerical modeling of the material behaviour, High-strength glasses and ceramics, Powder metallurgy, Polymers and composite materials, Materials and technologies for cultural heritage, Materials chemistry, Materials for energy, Nanostructured materials, mechanical properties, smart materials, materials production technologies, production process, Manufacturing processes.
Mechatronics: Autonomous driving, Hybrid dynamical systems, Intelligent systems, Optimal control, Unmanned aerial vehicles, Vehicle dynamics
Electronics: Avalanche photodiode, CMOS, Embedded systems, Energy harvesting, Measurement and monitoring techniques, Microelectronics, Sensor networks, Silicon radiation sensor, Smart grid
Operational Research: Multi-criteria decision modelling, Linear and non-linear programming, Network analysis, Queuing models, Risk analysis, Fuzzy systems, Machine learning, Project management, Decision support systems, Business analysis, Web reputation management, Smart management of cultural heritage for a sustainable tourism.

Last updated on August 26, 2020