Scolarship increase

Doctoral students are entitled to get a 50% increase of their scholarship when staying abroad for reasons related to their doctoral research and studies, for  periods properly authorized by the Director of the Doctoral Schools or by the Doctoral School Committees.

Who can apply

The increase of the scholarship can be allocated to students with scholarship.

Starting from the 38th cycle, same financial support is also granted to doctoral students without a scholarship, with the exception of those who are recipients of a scholarship or financial support as part of specific mobility programmes (Art. 9 par. 6 of Ministerial Decree 226/2021).

The increase is recognised till the end of the last year of the PhD programme.

Doctoral students are therefore not entitled to get the increase of the scholarship for the research periods spent abroad between the end of the last year and the final exam.

The scholarship increase will be paid only for an uninterrupted period of at least one month

The increase cannot exceed:

  • 18 months for doctoral students enrolled in cycles prior to the 38th cycle
  • 12 months (18 months when an individual agreemet with a foreign univeristy for a binational Doctoral Programme - "co-tutelle de thèse" - is in effect) for doctoral students enrolled from the 38th cycle onwards.

How it is calculated

The increase of the scholarship is paid considering the exact period (days) spent abroad, attested by a certification issued by the foreign Institution where the research has been carried out. The increase is paid at the end of the period spent abroad and is not related to the payment of the scholarship.

Before leaving 

Doctoral students have to deliver:

  • the scholarship increase request form (see attachments);
  • the Head of the Doctoral School’s authorization (for research periods not exceeding 6 months); 
  • or a copy of the Doctoral School Committee’s resolution (for periods lasting more than 6 months).

Documents have to be sent or delivered to the relevant Doctorate Office: please carefully check address, contact details and opening hours in the “Contact” box at the bottom of this page.

PhD students have to pay retirement contribution to INPS calculated on the amount of their scholarships (art. 2 par. 26 Law 335/95 and further amendments).
For this reason, doctoral students without a scholarship who apply for the scholarship’s increase must also register to “Gestione Separata INPS”.

Further information on the dedicated webpage.

Payment in advance of the increase

For periods lasting 3 months or more, the University can pay the 60% of the whole increase in advance, if requested in the “Grant increase request form”.
In order to receive the advance payment within the leaving date specified in the form, the request must be submitted within 2 months before the departure.
If the request is submitted late or just before the leaving date, the University can’t guarantee that the advance will be paid before the beginning of the period abroad.

The remaining  part (40%) will be paid at the end of the period, after submission of the certificate stating the duration of the period abroad.

At the end of the period abroad 

Doctoral students have to submit to the relevant Doctorate Office a certificate issued by the foreign Institution where the research has been carried out (see fac-simile in box Download), stating the exact date of arrival and the date of departure.
Important: the certificate must be in the original and the date must be equal or subsequent to the final date of the period spent abroad; the certificate has to be properly signed and stamped, better if printed on a headed letter.


application/mswordGrant Increase Request(DOC | 71 KB)
application/pdfCertificate of participation(PDF | 19 KB)