The University balance is a set of documents which outline the economic, financial and equity situation of the University, divided in budget and balance. It is a significant information tool regarding the future activities (budget) and the already implemented activities (balance).

Public accounting documents, as established by the University regulations on finances and accounting are drafted by the University as a whole - both in the budget and in the balance-sheet - and form together the University Budget and the University Balance. The University Budget is also an integral part of the Annual Report.

The involved documents are:

Profit and loss account
It highlights the profits and the revenues of the financial year or of a multiannual financial period, according to the accrual principle. It is drafted according to an organizational structure consistent with the informative objectives of the balance itself.

Balance Sheet 
It outlines the amounts of the assets and liabilities at the end of a specific financial period. It is drafted according to a table with opposite sections, where assets are parallel to liabilities and net equities).
Their accountant representation determines the amount of the net equity. 

Financial reporting
This report sums up the links between the origins and the use of the financial resources, as a consequence of the financial variations occurred during the period.  The structure highlights the variations in liquidity, i.e. the increases and the use of the available liquidity, as expressed by the cash-flow and related elements. It is drafted starting from the financial year 2009.

Integrative Report
It provides complementary information required to outline in a detailed and correct way the equity and financial situation of the University and of its economic situation and describe the adopted evaluation criteria, both in the budget and in the balance.

application/pdfUnified University Financial Statement 2022(PDF | 3 MB)