Complying with article no. 17.The Academic Senate is supported by a Committee for the implementation of the Code when exercising its competence regarding its application, interpretation and update of the Code.

The Supervisory Committee is made of:

  • Francesco Gregorio Arena, full professor at the Faculty of Law.
  • Donata Gottardi, full professor at the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Verona, is an external member.
  • Andrea Mongera, Head of the Information and communication technology management.

The Commission is an advisory body. Upon request of the Academic Senate, the Commission proposes overall guidelines and guidance to the Academic Senate:

  1. recommendations on behaviours and praxis to adopt;
  2. opinions on the compliance to the Code of documents, provisions and procedures of the University, whose content or field of application imply ethic evaluations. The Commission may also submit proposals for amendments or enhancements;
  3. opinions on situations of clashes of interest - potential or actual - of university components, also on a preventive basis and/or upon request of the involved parties.

The Commission also carries out preliminary investigations, as per article no. 18 of the Ethic Code, regarding the procedure in case of a breach of the Code and relevant sanctions.