December 2014


Careers Day and official Launch of the School of International Studies Alumni Network (SISAN)
First Alumni Dayof the School of International Studies:the Alumni of the unique graduate school in International Studies in Italy met and spoke about their international experiences.


Davide Bigoni receives the Honorary Degree of the Ovidius University of Costanza (Romania)
The research activity and the scientific cooperation with UniTrento carried out by professor Bigoni led to the awarding of the Honorary Degree in Mechanic, Industrial and Maritime Engineering by the Ovidius University of Costanza (Romania).


Faculty of Law: first two graduates Italy/USA for the Transnational Law Program
Giovanni Bianchetti and Matteo D’Agostini are the first two graduates in the TLP - Transnational Law Program. They graduated on 10 December 2014 at the Faculty of Law, obtaining the double degree: the degree in Law at the University of Trento and the Master of Science in Law at the Washington University School of Law (WUSOL) di St. Louis (Missouri, USA).


Green light for the mission on Jupiter with the spatial radar engineered at UniTrento
The University of Trento and its space radar Rime will participate in the ESA mission aimed at finding traces of life in Jupiter’s frozen dunes. The European Space Agency granted its approval a few days ago.

22 Engineering: first double degree graduate with the TUM of Munich

Daniele Messina concluded his study programme in Mechatronics Engineering as established in the agreement with the Technische Universität München.

November 2014

November - December 6 Conferences to get to know the Nobel Prizes 2014

6 conferences to understand the meaning of the Nobel Prize 2014 awarding and their scope.

7 - 8 Pensa Trasversale - Think in a cross-sector way

The initiative was launched to guide a group of high-school students to analyse reality in a multidisciplinary and cross-sector way.

10 The University in Rovereto: the new three-year development plan

Mechatronics, cognitive sciences, architecture and design, music and language are the new cooperation areas between Trento and Rovereto.

13 Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2014-2015

Professor Heinz Schilling was awarded the Honorary Degree in Historical Sciences during the Ceremony.

14 Open Day at the University of Trento
A day devoted to the orientation activity towards the right university choice.
18 - 19 ENGRES2014 - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions 2014 Conference

The conference was organised by the Italian Ministry for Education, Research and University to promote talents and disseminate excellence.

21 Students' elections: the new representatives for 2014-2016

21% of students participated. The results will be validated on 26 November.

novembre - maggio 2015 International seminar on Novel - SIR.VII.2014-2015
The seventh edition is devoted to the second half of the XX century.

October 2014


Falling Walls Lab 2014: innovative ideas changing the future
The event is organized annually in various nations and this year Italy will host it for the first time. The Lab is aimed at selecting the best innovative ideas submitted by young talents, in all scientific sectors.


New University Library: seven floors for 500 places
The Italian architect Renzo Piano explained his modified project for the Congress Centre at Le Albere.

13 - 14

Professorship of the Collège de France
The expert of the Italian language of the Professorship Collège de France will hold a lecture in the framework of the cooperation which unites the two institutions. He is a historian and a sociologist and will hold his lecture to professors, PhDs and students of the University of Trento.


Festival delle Professioni- Festival of professions
An opportunity to explain the system of professions and their fundamental values.


The Rector, Daria de Pretis, was appointed as a judge of the Italian Constitutional Court
The appointment is a recognition of the career and high profile of Daria de Pretis. Naturally, it is a source of pride for the entire academic community and for Trentino.


Senate’s Commission for the implementation of the University Ethic Code
Members: Gregorio Arena, Andrea Mongera and Donata Gottardi - member from outside the University.


National Bioethics Committee in Trento
The Committee meets the students and the citizens of Trento to present and debate some topics marking the contemporary medicine and research.


Aronne Armanini is the new Deputy Pro-Rector
The Rector Daria de Pretis, following her appointment as a judge of the Constitutional Court on 18 October, entrusted today  Professor Aronne Armanini with the functions of Deputy Pro-rector. He is Pro-rector for the evaluation processes and the Senate’s member with the longest period of service.


Appointment of the Supervisory Committee to select the candidatures for the upcoming Rector’s elections
First formal steps towards the election of the new Rector of the University of Trento. Bosia, Toniolo and Santucci are the Committee’s members.


september - may 2015 The First World War in ten lessons
Ten lessons to analyse the First World War from different prospects.

The first Euregio Universities Administration Day in Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Bolzano-Bozen and Trento: the cooperation now involves the members of the technical and administrative staff as well

15 Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo is awarded the Professorship of Excellence "Adalberto Libera"
The architect and planner from Sicily is awarded the second edition of the Professorship of Excellence for Architecture and Cutlure of the project in the Trentino area.
17 QS World University Rankings: the professors of UniTrento are increasingly quoted globally. The University of Trento improves its position in the international ranking
The University of Trento improves its position in the 2014-2015 edition, achieving the group 411-420. The positive outcome is the result of the high level reputation of the University at international level and the significant increase of the influence of the scientific publications of the professors of UniTrento, at global level.
30 Daria de Pretis, the Rector of the University of Trento is chosen as "Euregio character of the month"
She is deeply committed in the development of the euro-regional cooperation among the universities of Trento, Bolzano-Bozen and Innsbruck.

August 2014

1 Quality of life: Trento is one of the ten smart cities of the world
Trento is one of the ten smart cities of the world which were selected to be a living laboratory to apply the technology aimed at improving the wellbeing of the population: UniTrento and Trento Rise are at the forefront of the project.

University paths today – Sentieri universitari: the way to your future
UniTrento and the Free University of Bozen offer to 100 students attending the second last year of high school the opportunity to participate in a guidance programme, lasting one week, on study, university life, culture and nature in Trentino Alto Adige.

July 2014


Honoris Causa Degree to Professor Silvia Gherardi byUniversity of St. Andrews
Among the reasons: her cutting-edge contributions and capability to cultivate young talented researchers.


UniTrento signs a new agreement with Vietnam
UniTrento signed an agreement with the University of Transport and Communications (UTC) of Hanoi.The two universities, which have already been actively cooperating, intend to further strenghen their partnership, above all in the engineering sector.

21-26 Industrial Problem Solving With Physics
 Event organized with Confindustria Trento - the local section of the Italian Industry Association - to promote the connection between the university and companies.

Censis/La Repubblica Università 2014 Rankings: Trento ranks 2nd among the medium universities
Censis ranks UniTrento second among the middle sized universities in Italy, according to the Guide to universities published by La Repubblica.

luglio OrientaEstate 2014
Set of initiatives to inform young people on the study programmes and services of the University of Trento to prospective students.
25 Mauro Politi brings Italy back to the UN Committee on Human Rights, after fifteen years 
He was elected among the Committee's 9 members, in New York, during the UN Assembly of member states.

June 2014


The University meets - Meet the University
2014 University Assembly: annual meeting and dialogue opportunity promoted by UniTrento, to present the results and impact of its academic and research activities on the local communities and at national and international level. 


Euregio: a joint research funding for the three universities
The cooperation among the universities of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck continues to increase: the meeting among the three Presidents of Euregio was mainly devoted to training, university and resaerch. The meeting was held in Innsbruck, within the framework of the Media Festival in view of the upcoming Alpbach forum.

23 Trento ranks first again among the best italian Universities
The results of the updated rankings published by Il Sole 24 Ore. Trento’s strengths are: Attractiveness,Efficiency, External funding, International mobility, Research.

This event focused on the research and advanced training activities in Biomolecular science at CIBIO of UniTrento.

May 2014


Presentation of the Alpbach European Festival
This festival is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture, aimed at fostering dialogue, democracy and sustainability in Europe.

May 2014

Biolaw meetings
Set of events devoted to some issues regarding the Sciences of life.


Prize for best dissertations on the labour marked sponsored by the Italian Trade Unions CGIL, CISL and UIL del Trentino
The best dissertations on the labour were prized.


Professorship of the Collège de France - Professor Carlo Ossola
The expert of the Italian language of the Professorship Collège de France will hold a lecture in the framework of the cooperation which unites the two institutions.


Marco Andreatta was elected as a “Corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Turin”
This prestigious scientific academy includes among its members 27 Nobel Prizes, three “Fields Medals ”, one Abel Prize, 18 Feltrinelli prizes, 8 Balzan Prizes, one President of the United States and one President of the Italian Republic.


Roberto Battiston is the new chief of the Italian Space Agency
He was appointed by the Italian Minister for Education, University and Research, Stefania Giannini.


The University Ethic Code was issued
The text of the Ethic Code was approved by the Academic Senate during the seat of 26 May

30 May - 2 June

Festival of Economics 2014
“Leading classes, growth and shared wellbeing” is the title fo the 9th edition.

April 2014


Neuroscience&Society - lecture by Giulio Tononi
Giulio Tononi will hold a speech on the phenomenon of conscience, how it is generated by the brain and how it can be measured.


ICT Days - Horizons 2016
This important event involves all the stakeholders of the Trentino economic system: the public authorities, research institutes, companies, students and citizens. Innovation is indeed a collective phenomenon: we will do it together!


Survey on the objective and subjective safety in the municipality of Trento
Presentation of the results of the first survey regarding the safety concerning the eSecurity project. The survey was carried out through interviews made to about 4,000 people living in Trento, aimed at collecting information on crimes suffered by citizens, the levels of urban disorders and the perceived safety


Placement Day 2014
The Department of Economics and Management organizes this event to foster the mutual knowledge of students and graduates with the labour market.


University Ethic Code

The Academic Senate adopted, in provisional way, the University Ethic Code. The text will be debated at University level. After this phase the final text will be approved before the definitive issue.


The Rector, Daria de Pretis, becomes a member of the Conference of the Rectors of the Italian Universities
She was elected in Rome, on 17 Aprile 2014.

April - May - June

Science behind the scenes
The topic of this set of meetings is the dissemination and awareness raising regarding the scientific knowledge and its most important social impacts.

April - May

Crash Course on Research Funding, Intellectual Property and Start up creation
This course is organized by UniTrento in cooperation with Confindustria - the Italian association of industries and it is aimed at providing PhD students, young researchers, entrepreneurs and staff of the Research & Development sector of private companies with the fundamental tools and concepts for the knowledge transfer.

March 2014

March - May

How books change
The set of meetings aims at opening a dialogue opportunity among current students and professors, who used to be students, to debate on how the world around us is changing.

March - April

Toxic Work - 2014 Film exhibition
2014 Film exhibition, organized by the master’s course in Management of the organizations and of the territory


QS World University Rankings, the reputation of the University of Trento is confirmed once more
The University of Trento enters the ranking with Law  -  Economics & Econometrics -   Politics & International Studies


Neuroscience&Society - seminar with Giovanni Berlucchi
Neurophobia. Who is afraid of the brain? Giovanni Berlucchi, an important expert of the Italian neurophysiology, debates on the neurophobia of some positions, which indicate a certain degree of an anti-scientific attitude which we considered resolved.


Open Day of the University of Trento
Guidance day to choose at University


Italy united in science
The initiative is promoted by CIBIO and is targeted to high-school students, focusing on the research topics of staminal cells and their possible applications.


Tasks and role of the Bank of Italy
The third meeting of the cycle “The bank and financial intermediaries: the relations with their clients”, deals with the relations with the bank and financial system with the clients and the role of the Bank of Italy.


The strategic potential of sports at University: territory, education, research and innovation
Among the others, also the projects of the University of Trento on sports and innovation shall be presented.

February 2014


Dialogue with Romano Prodi: “Is there room for Italy in the globalized world?
Dialogue regarding the dynamics and complex issues which cannot be decoded with a short-sighted and locally oriented approach, which very often mark the political debate, at local, national and European level.

7 e 28

Debates & meetings
We talk about the human of tomorrow: The past of our future through the present of the Alpine population


Marzio Barbagli - Lectio Magistralis
Social inequalities: trends and changes on the long-term


Open Day of the University of Trento
Guidance day to choose at University


Prof. Franco Demarchi - 10 years after his passing away
The contribution of sociology to the social education, the relations among nations and cultures


Olympics of Neuroscience
It is an international competition, on three levels, challenging high-school students and their level of knowledge in the field of neuroscience.


Professorship Collège de France - professor Alain Prochiantz
The neurobiologist of the Collège de France is hosted by the University of Trento and holds two lectures in the framework of the professorship which unites the two institutions.


Sang-Hyun Song - Lectio Magistralis
President of the International Criminal Court of The Hague
The International Criminal Court and its current challenges

January 2014


Roberto Battiston appointed as a member of the Committee of experts on research policies (Cepr)
The appointment was proposed by the Italian Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza 


First Assembly of the Department of Physics
5 roundtables to debate the projects of the Department of Physics


Elections of the representatives of the University staff
16 members of the consultation body of the University, representing its staff are chose. They shall be heard on the general guidelines of the University


Tasks and role of the Bank of Italy
Four meetings to get information on the tasks of the Bank of Italy, the study of the Bank on the structural problems of the Italian and local economies.


Vocational training: between action and education
The university and the local institutions meet, during the crisis, to foster the development of training courses, education and research