Flavio Deflorian
Deputy rector and Prorector with mandate to support the business sector

Paola Iamiceli
Prorector for teaching and learning

Maurizio Marchese
Prorector for international development

Barbara Poggio
Prorector for equality and diversity policies

Giuseppe Sciortino
Prorector for policies encouraging talent attraction and research enhancement


Rector's Delegates

Giorgio Bolego
Relations with administrative and technical staff and collective agreements

Marco Bombardelli
Simplification and transparency

Paolo Bouquet

Carlo Buzzi and Giovanni Genovese
Student services

Roberto Caso
Open access and anti-plagiarism policies

Carlo Casonato
Ethics committee on experiments involving human beings

Riccardo Ceccato
Safety in the workplace

Patrizia Cordin
Initiatives on linguistic minorities

Maria Della Lucia

Jean Paul Dufiet
Language learning and University Language Centre

Andrea Fracasso
Activities related to the Festival of Economics

Franco Fraccaroli
Organizational well-being

Maurizio Giangiulio
Collegio Bernardo Clesio

Claudio Giunta
Press and communication

Paolo Pasquale Macchi
Disability support

Fabio Massacci
National and international position of the University

Alberto Montresor
Information services and technologies

Pier Luigi Novi Inverardi
Orientation in Italy

Stefano Oss
Orientation in Trentino and neighbouring regions

Cinzia Piciocchi
University's Body for Animal Welfare

Paola Quaglia
Internships, placements and alumni

Marco Ragazzi
Environmental sustainability

Giorgio Vallortigara
Research evaluation and dissemination of science and culture

The Prorectors and Rector's delegates' mandate will expire on 31 March 2021.

All activities in the area of teachers training and relations with the local school system are entrusted to FIRS (Formazione Insegnanti e Rapporti con la Scuola), the University’s liaison body which, through its collegial bodies (Comitato Direttivo and Consiglio Didattico-Scientifico), coordinates at interdepartmental level the organization and management of University initiatives as regards the professional training of prospective teachers (i.e. TFA and PAS courses).