The University meets / Meet the University

The University meets / Meet the University

The public assembly of the University is an opportunity to meet the people of Trentino. Envisaged by the new Statute and called by the President in agreement with the Rector, it is an annual appointment, the aim of which is to reflect on the value and the impacts of the scientific and teaching activities at the University of Trento.
It will pave the way for in informal dialogue with the leaders of the University, which welcomes the citizens to become part of the university and get to know it better.

The second public assembly - 16 July 2014.

Recorded video of the Assembly 2014

It will enlarge the public debate on specific topics and namely: School and voluntary work. UniTrento is ready to play a fundamental role side by side with the main actors of these two sectors, contributing in various manners through its active engagement, at present and in the future. 

The President of UniTrento presents the new topics:

Preparation of the University public assembly 2014

Two meetings with the people active in the school sector have prepared the basis for the assembly.

  • The school sector
    Watch the recording of the assembly: mms://
  • Meeting with the VOLUNTARY WORK sector 
    Watch the recording of the meeting: 

The President of the University, Innocenzo Cipolletta, invites the citizens of Trento, business people and students to take part in the discussion launched during the public assembly of the University. The aim is to stimulate a lively and fruitful debate between Trentino and its University, which can be the basis for future assemblies.