ANVUR - the Italian evaluation agency of the University and research system - recommended a self-evaluation of the quality of teaching activities and facilities, which UniTrento is carrying out through a questionnaire to collect the students’ opinion on the courses held during the academic year.

Students are invited to fill in the online questionnaire regarding each module/course and relevant professor(s), using the ESSE3 system. The questionnaire may be filled also by students who did not attend the course, i.e. those you state they have attended less than 50% of the lessons. The questionnaire is accessible after the attendance of 2/3 of the lessons and it is compulsory to be admitted to the exam.

Students are required to express their opinion on: workload for the course; available study material; organisation of the teaching activities; level of interest for the topic of the course; overall satisfaction. The students’ opinion regards all teaching staff who was involved in the course.

The questionnaire may be filled in until 30 September (for courses held during the first semester) and until 28 February (for courses held in the second semester or which last a full academic year). The main objectives of the survey are:

  • strengthen the monitoring activity on the quality of courses, highlighting strengths and weaknesses;
  • work on the possible troubles emerging from the questionnaire, to continuously enhance quality.

According to the Statute of UniTrento, the results of the questionnaire are analysed by the Evaluation Committee created within each Department/Centre, made of three professors and three students. The Evaluation Committee shall monitor the courses and the quality of teaching activities, drafting a dedicated annual report.

The annual reports are analysed also by the Students’ Council, which submits its remarks through its annual report.