Private companies have two opportunities to get in contact with the University’s students and graduates.

Esse3 Stage e Lavoro Platform

On the Esse3 Stage e Lavoro (internships and jobs) Platform, companies can:

  • Advertise internship and work opportunities, to receive applications from interested students through the platform itself
  • Add their company profile so that students and graduates can learn something about them
  • Offer internships to both students and graduates

Companies are required to register on the Esse3 Stage e Lavoro platform to access these services.

(Register or, if you already have the access credentials, log-in (Login for registered companies)

A CV database

Companies can read and save the full cv of potential candidates (students and recent graduates) using the platform’s search engine.

To access this service, companies are required to register online (Registration for new users), wait for their data to be verified, and then use the database (Login for registered companies).

Data verification takes 3 working days maximum.
Companies are allowed to use students’ data included in their cvs only for employment purposes and in compliance with the Code on the protection of personal data.