December 2015


The community for those who have chosen the University of Trento for their education and growth.


3,2,1…IGNITION! LISA Pathfinder space mission takes off
"L'Alba nello spazio" (Space dawn), an open meeting to follow closely the launch of the LISA Pathfinder satellite from the ESA base in Korou, French Guyana.


Special lecture by professor Mireille Delmas Marty
"The Appearance of a Global Legal Order? L'émergence d'un Ordre Juridique Mondial?"

22 Alex Pellacani is the new Director General of the University of Trento
His three year mandate begins on 11 January. Alex Pellacani succeeds Giancarla Masè, who held the post from 2007 until recently.

Novembre 2015


Meet the Nobel Prizes Winners
An opportunity to understand the meaning and importance of the Nobel prizes awarded in 2015 from the voice of those who work daily on the same subjects.


Riccardo Zandonini elected to the Academic senate
Riccardo Zandonini represents the technical-scientific area and will hold the seat until March 2016.


Pensa Trasversale
University guidance initiative. This year’s theme is food.

14 Commencement ceremony
The first public commencement ceremony at the University of Trento was held in the cathedral square in the city centre.
20 Open Doors at the University of Trento
Students are offered the chance to interact with the academic environment.


24 Thinking Landscape: Nature, Play,Space
"Adalberto Libera" Chair’s Prize.
The prize was awarded to Ana Kucan, who offered a special lecture for the event.


26 3,2,1…IGNITION! LISA Pathfinder space mission takes off
Presentation of the LISA Pathfinder space mission.

October 2015


A natural defines against HIV discovered by the University of Trento
The study was conducted by a research group from CIBIO, published on “Nature” magazine.


International Times Higher Education rankings: For the first time the University of Trento among the top 200 in the world
THe University of Trento at the 198th place on 800 institutions worldwide.


Awarding the title of Professor Emeritus and Lectio Magistralis of prof. John Mylopoulos
The award is given by the Department of Information engineering and computer science.


Directors of Department: Humanities reelects Fulvio Ferrari
Second mandate as director for Fulvio Ferrari, reelected at the helm of the Department of Humanities.

5-11 European week of Dyslexia
In schools meetings and labs with students and teachers to know dyslexia.


8 UNI.SPORT Festival 2015
The festival foresees presentation of activities of UNI.Sport and free tries in various disciplines.

Food, agriculture, climate
The event takes place at the Expo 2015 Pavilion in Milano.

13-17 Professions Festival
4th edition

Meteorology Festival
Informative, scientific, technical papers will light up the debate about current topics connected to meteorology.


Photonics week

A week of informative events to show to the public the potential of light technologies in the occasion of the International Year of the Light.

September 2015


LISA Pathfinder: first step to listen to the sound of the universe
Principal investigator of the mission is prof. Stefano Vitale, head of the Experimental Gravitational Group of the University of Trento.


Research evaluation: five professors from the University of Trento among the ANVUR experts
They are: Armanini, Cubelli, Stringari, Petri e Piattoni.

16 Remo Job and Andrea Caranti elected Directors of Department
Respectively Cognitive Science and Psychology, and for Mathematics

The University of Trento and the Mach Foundation together for the agri-food and environmental Center
Objectives: to develop the scientific collaborations in the field and to root them on the territory.

24 Directors of Department: elected Petri; confirmed Gios, Nesi e Pavesi
Respectively for Industrial Engineering, Economy, Law, Physics
25 The Night of Researchers 2015

Demos, labs, scientific coffees and aperitifs, speed-dating with researchers, one to one discussions and flash-talks, and much more in the event which takes place simultaneously in hundreds of European and non-European cities.

29 Directors of Department: DICAM confirms Marco Tubino; DISI elects Niculae Sebe
Their mandate starts October 1.
30 Opening of the new University Day-Care Center

The university day-care of the University of Trento has moved to via Santa Margherita and can host 30 children.

August 2015


University choice guidance week
University choice guidance weekCourses of study, life at the University of Trento, and culture in Trentino Alto Adige.

July 2015


Falling Walls Lab: Innovative ideas that will change the future
The University of Trento will host for the second time the Italian edition of the event which selects the best innovative ideas of young talents in all educational areas.

3 Aronne Armanini receives M. Selim Yalin Award 2015
The acknowledgment of the value of the studies of Professor Armanini and his contribution to the comprehension of the river transportation of sediment and debris.
8 Mario Diani apointed Director of Sociology and Social Research
His 3-year term will start October 1.
luglio Orienta Estate
Summer initiatives to know the University of Trento.
20 - 25 IPSP2015 - Industrial Problem Solving with Physics
An opportunity to share and an enriching experience for young researchers and companies.
28 The University of Trento is among the best Italian Universities
The University of Trento confirms his competitiveness in the national academic landscape, reasserting the second place in the Censis-La Repubblica 2015-2016 and in the Il Sole 24 Ore results.

June 2015


University Public Assembly 2015
University and local community and stakeholders: the chosen topics are the labour market and the productive world.

3 Open Dialogue: the new University Blog
To dialogue in a fast and direct way with the University in a virtual chatroom

Professorship of the Collège de France at the University of Trento

Professor Clément Sanchez, chemistry expert of the Collège de France, will hold lectures for students, PhD and professors of the University of Trento, within the framework of the Professorship Agreement between the two institutions.

11 Neuroscience&Society with Massimo Piattelli Palmarini
Professor Piattelli Palmarini, of the 'University of Arizona, USA - will hold a conference "The ninth day of the creation. The new revolution of the sciences of life".
19 The University of Trento in Brussels to celebrate the 5000 th ERC grant
Nicola Pugno is the only Italian ERC grant winner to deliver a speech as a speaker.
23 The robot of the Mechatronics group wins the International Robotics Competition
The Queen of the Laser Sword takes place in the Maker Open in Shenzhen (China).

May 2015


Professorship of the Collège de France at the University of Trento with Professor Jean-Pierre Brun
The archeologist Jean-Pierre Brun will hold two lectures to PhD students and Professors of the University of Trento within the framework of the Professorship agreement between the two institutions.

13 e 21 Presentation of the Master's Degree in Management of Sustainability and Tourism - MaST
Two seminars to discuss about sustainability and tourism.
27 On Global Ethics: Some Histories and Practices
Conference with Leela Gandhi - John Hawkes Professor of Humanities and English, Brown University
29 May- 2 June Festival of Economics
Social Mobility will be the topic of the 10th edition of the Festival of Economics
29 May From Spider Silk a new tool for medicine and engineering
The study by a team of researchers, including Professor Nicola Pugno of UniTrento, was published on Nature Communications.

April 2015


Official start of Collini's Mandate as Rector of the University of Trento 

Paolo Collini officially starts his mandate, after the approval of the Ministerial Decree which established his mandate, starting on 1 April and lasting 6 years.

1 Neuroscience&Society - Lamberto Maffei

Lamberto Maffei will hold a lecture on the "Praise of slowliness: the balance of human brain between plasticity and ageing". During the event Dr Andreas Wutz will be awarded the Braitenberg Award for Neurosciences.

16-18 V Antitrust Conference in Trento

The Conference will deal with the topics of the European Competition Law and its application.

21 The Intelligence meets the University of Trento 

A seminar devoted to the UniTrento students to promote and spread the culture of security.

21 Placement Day 2015

Professional Guidance Day to let students and graduates meet with the representatives of the labour market and companies.

29 Trade Union Democracy, Representation and Contractual Decentralisation

Awarding of the CGIL CISL UIL del Trentino Award for the best dissertations on the Laboru market.

30 Appointment of the new Vice-Rectors

The Rector appointed the Vice-Rectors which will support him during the next three years. The list of the Rector's Delegates has also been disclosed. They will deal with specific tasks in various sectors and will support the Rector in his governance tasks.

March 2015


How books change
The series of meetings is a dialogue opportunity between today's students and professors, the latter being the students of the past.

March - October  Seminars on autism-related disorders

The Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences organises a set learning meetings with nationally and internationally renowned experts.

12-13 The Role of Sports in the Italian University System
1s Workshop of the Italian universities on sports and universities.
19 University and local territory in the new scenarios of international development
The seminar wants to foster dialogue and analysisis between the university and the local stakeholders of Trentino, regarding the possible sinergies in the various development areas.
18-19-20 ICT Days 2015
Event devoted to the Information and Communication Technology.
March - September The law at the forefront

On its 30th anniversary the Faculty of Law devotes a day to focus on the connection among law, journalism and information, during a long series of meetings.

20 Open Day of the University of Trento

Students have the opportunity to personally meet the university world, its facilities and structures, services, professors and tutoring students.

March - April European Aperitifs: the Use of Natural Resources 

It is an opportunity to share ideas, points of view and proposals regarding the environmental sustainability and the use of natural resources.

March - June Crash Course on Research Funding, Intellectual Property and Start Up Creation

The course is targeted to PhD students, young researchers, entrepreneurs and staff employed in private companies, to provide them with the basic concepts and tools of technology and knowledge transfer.

27 Winter Facoltiadi

First edition of the Winter Facoltiadi, with competitions on various sport activities, for students, PhD, professors and staff of the University of Trento.

February 2015


Open Day at the University of Trento
Students have the opportunity to interact personally with the University world through a direct contact with the available facilities and services, with professors and tutoring students.


Knowtransfer: Edition no. 11 is online
The technology transfer magazine of the University of Trento is online with a “special dossier for young people”.


Awarding of the title of Professor Emeritus to Antonio Schizzerotto and his Lectio Magistralis
Antonio Schizzerotto was awarded today the title of Professor Emeritus for the high scientific profile and his career at the University of Trento: the just finale of an extremely prestigious scientific and university career.


Under control
A film series on the work of supervisors and controllers.


Paolo Collini is the new Rector of the University of Trento
He is full professor of Business economy and will be the Rector of the University of Trento for the next 6 years.


Lectio Magistralis "Teaching and practising human rights: a learning experience" - Professor Mauro Politi
Professor Politi's Lection opened the second semester of the School of International Studies.

January 2015


Rectors elections: two professors submitted their candidatures
Stefano Zambelli and Paolo Collini submitted their candidatures and made themselves available to be elected as Rector for the next six years

19 How does human brain adapt to sight-restoration?

A team of researchers of CIMeC and of the University of Montreal  discover that the brain reorganization after a long sight sense deprivation is not fully reversible.

22 Lectio Magistralis by prof. Robert Sugden

Professor at the 'University of East Anglia
"Preference purification and the inner rational agent: a critique of the conventional wisdom of behavioural welfare economics".


Mindfulness: the effectiveness in tuning personal feelings was tested for the first time

The study carried out by some researchers of DiPSCo was published on Plos One.


Newly hatchted chickens arrange ascending numbers from left to right

The research was carried out by the CIMeC of UniTrento and the University of Padua and published on Science.