Curriculum No. scholarships

of which on reserved topics no.

Topics and funders - Cycle 34

A1 -  (University of Trento and Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering)



B1 - 


C1 -  (MIUR – Departments of Excellence)

D   )

D1 -  assegno di ricerca - see the specific requirements in the Download box

Furhter details on the scholarships on reserved topics (reserved scholarships) are in th file available in the Download box.

N.B.! Additional positions and related reserved scholarships

Scholarships on reserved topics, and related positions, that have been made available after the issue of the announcement are in red, preceded by the sign +. Only those applicants who have submitted the application by the deadline of August 22, 2018, will be allowed to participate in the supplementary choice. ​The Additional AOL will be available at only from August 23 to August 28, 2018, at 12.00 PM (GMT +2). To access the Additional AOL you must use the same credentials as for the main Application.