Final examination (valid for doctoral students enrolled from cycle 29 onward)

The University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes are applied for this (see Rector’s decree nr. 383 of 04.07.2013 and subsequent amendments, in particular TITLE V – AWARD OF THE TITLE

Evaluation procedure
Doctoral candidates admitted to final examination by the Doctoral  Programme Committee shall submit their thesis for evaluation to at least two external referees appointed by the Doctoral Committee.   

Referees will provide a written evaluation; they can also propose:
• Admission to the oral defense of the thesis;
• Postponement period up to 6 months (in case of major revisions).

Once the period of postponement will be over, the doctoral candidate will be admitted to the final examination anyway.
Referees will provide a second written evaluation based on the suggested adjustments or additions.   

Public defense
Once referees will have provided their evaluation, the Doctoral Programme Committee will appoint the members of the Committee for final examination.
Final examination will take place in front of the Examination Committee and consist of a public discussion of the thesis.
Date and time of the examination will be provided to the candidates via university email account or will be published and advertised via the university website.
Doctoral candidates shall send a copy of their thesis to each and every member of the Committee once the composition of the Committee has been notified.

Notice: information regarding the timeline for the delivery of the thesis to the Doctoral Committee and  to the supervisors to the end of delivering the thesis to the external referees is available at the Secretariat of your doctoral programme.

PhD candidates must self-archive at least 10 days before the date set for final examination, at
- the final version of their thesis in electronic format (.pdf);
- the Deposit Disclaimer (.pdf).

The Guidelines for uploading Doctoral theses in IRIS is available in the Box Download on the web page Research outputs management.