Culture, education and research are the three key sectors for development recognised as common goals by the representatives of the Euroregion Euregio (Tyrol – Alto Adige – Trentino).  This shared commitment has given rise to concrete actions to support mobility and exchanges, as well as to support research cooperation between the three universities in the Euregio area:  the University of Trento, the University of Bolzano and the University of Innsbruck. 


Euregio allocated €100,000 a year for a three year period from 2015 to encourage mobility between the universities of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck.  

In 2019 this allocation was renewed for a further two years.  

Applications for funding in 2019 close on 15 May 2019, with a maximum of €8,000 of funding available per project. 

Funding is available for the following types of activity: 

  • Joint Lectures or Joint Seminars
  • E-Learning projects
  • Study trips
  • Summer or Winter schools
  • Joint courses  

Applications are evaluated according to the following criteria: 

  • Quality of the project proposal   
  • Number of students participating from the three partner universities 
  • Possibility of the activity leading to long term initiatives 


In February 2018 applications closed for the third round of research funding based on collaboration between different organizations within the Euregio area.  

The €3,200,000 of funding available in this round was used to fund high quality projects involving collaboration between organisations based in the Euregio area.  

Of the 56 proposals, 49 went through to the evaluation phase.  Of these 7 received funding, including 5 successful projects involving the University of Trento as a partner and coordinator.  

The principal criterion for evaluation was the excellence of the publication background of the researchers coordinating each region (in terms of number, quality, independence, peer review and international prestige).  Particular attention was also paid to the composition of the consortium, with priority given to highly integrated and trilateral collaborations. 

Further information can be found on the EU Science Fund web page