The Erasmus+ Programme allows non-academic staff mobility from partner organizations to UniTrento. In the download box you can find the list of universities with which UniTrento has signed an Erasmus+ agreement for staff mobility in a Programme Country (European countries).

At the moment staff mobility from Partner Countries (non-European countries) is not envisaged at the University of Trento, as this depends on specific agreements with partner universities.

Who can participate

Non-academic staff (employed by institutions and organisations participating in the programme), or professionals (employed by participanting enterprises), can spend a training period or observation mobility at the University of Trento. The purposes of the mobility are exchanging skills, enriching the school offer, providing students and teachers with different approaches. A contribution of EU or university funds  for travel, room and board expenses can be provided by participants’ Home Institution in case of administrative staff, by the receiving Institution in case of mobility of professionals from enterprises. 
Staff mobility for training is based exclusively on the basis of the Mobility Agreement. 

Duration: from five to seven days (2 travelling days admitted in addition).
Funding: European Commission guarantees 140 €/day (for ICM 2017) or 160€/day (for ICM 2018) (travelling days are counted in the total amount) and a flat-rate contribution for the travel, depending on distance. The expenses not covered by European funds are covered by UniTrento cofinancing up to 1000 €. 
The costs are covered on the basis of UniTrento internal rules (Regolamento Missioni di Ateneo).
Application: all the positions for the projects ICM 2017 and ICM 2018 have been already assigned.