December 2016

1 Paola Venuti elected director of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science
She will lead the department for the 2017-2019 term.
1 Stop violence against women!
On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), the University of Trento supported a series of events promoted by UN Women – Italian National Committee.
6 Lectio Magistralis - Special lecture with professor Richard Breen
"Education and Social Mobility in the 20th Century".
19 The University of Trento mourns the loss of Paolo Prodi
Prodi was the first to hold the post of Rector of the University, from 1972 to 1978.
20 Trento ranks first among Italian universities for research quality
ANVUR confirms top position for the University of Trento among State universities and sixth position in the overall ranking based on new research quality assessment (VQR).

November 2016

4-5 Pensa Trasversale
An initiative designed by the University of Trento to lead a group of students from secondary schools in a multidisciplinary journey through several disciplinary areas to explore one aspect of reality.
11-12 Festivalmeteorologia
The Meteorology Festival, a unique occasion for the different sectors of Italian meteorology to meet, interact and share their knowledge.
15 Neuroscience & Society
A series of lectures to stimulate an interdisciplinary debate on the social importance of neurosciences. Professor Piergiorgio Odifreddi gave a lecture on "Il Pensiero artificiale".
November - January 6 Open lectures on 2016 Nobel Prize Winners
An opportunity to understand the meaning of the prizes awarded this year. The lectures are given by University professors who work every day, in their teaching and research activity, on the subjects for which Nobel prizes are awarded.
18 Inauguration of the academic year 2016-2017
With inauguration lecture by Renzo Piano, architect and Senator of the Italian Republic.
19 Opening of the New University Main Library
The opening ceremony took place at the new library in “Le Albere”, via Adalberto Libera - Trento.
22-23 Election of student representatives - 2016
Students vote to elect their representatives in University bodies for the 2016-2019 term. 
29 Lectio Magistralis - Mario Cucinella
Special lecture for the "Adalberto Libera” Excellence Chair.

October 2016

October - May La ricerca crea valore - Coffee with the scientist
Talks with researchers on the value of research and its impact on daily life.
22 Commencement Ceremony
The University of Trento celebrates its new graduates with their families and friends, the academic and local community.
28 Open Day at the University of Trento
Open Days are designed to give students an opportunity to interact with the university environment.

September 2016

8 Carlo Miniussi is the new director of CIMeC, the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento
For the next three years he will lead the Center that is based in Rovereto with laboratories in Mattarello.
10-15 Trento Smart City Week
An event to introduce citizens to smart services and initiatives.
21 Andrea Fracasso is the new director of the School of International Studies
Appointed by the Academic Senate, his mandate will start on 1st October for three academic years.
30 La ricerca va in città
The event takes place in the historical centre of the city of Trento in parallel with the European Researchers’ Night. Researchers tell about their work, their discoveries and answer visitors’ questions.

August 2016

2 University of Trento: Agar Brugiavini and Luca Arighi appointed to the Board of Directors 
The two new members will stay in office for six years.
22-26 Guidance week to make the right academic choice
Study paths, university life and culture in Trentino Alto Adige: the third edition of the event was organized by the University of Trento and the Free University of Bolzano.

July 2016

July Orienta Estate 2016
A summer guidance initiative to present to prospective students the study courses and services offered by the University of Trento.
18-23 IPSP - Industrial Problem Solving with Physics
The purpose of this event is to enhance the strong connection of the University with the business world.
20 CIBIO to fight eye cancer
The Centre for Integrative Biology of the University of Trento, CIBIO, represents Italy in a Europe-wide challenge to identify new, tailored and efficient therapies to treat patients with metastatic uveal melanoma, a rare and serious type of eye cancer.

June 2016

1 Censis-la Repubblica ranking: the University of Trento is again in the top position among Italian universities
The University of Trento, with a final score of 99.8 points, is the highest ranked among Italian public universities and medium sized universities.
1 The “Bruno Kessler” honorary award to Robert J. Mailloux
His lecture focused on future radar and telecommunications systems.
2-5 Festival of Economics
Economists, politicians and government representatives, researchers and journalist from all over the world discussed this year’s theme “Where growth takes place”.
20-1 17th Trento Summer School on “Macroeconomic coordination and externalities” 
The Summer School included a lecture by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Columbia University, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001.
21 University public Assembly
The purpose of the assembly is to continue a dialogue with the local community under the title “Culture, Creativity, Knowledge”. The event provided the occasion to reflect on the ongoing collaboration projects, to examine local needs and discuss the tools that innovation makes available.
23 Professor William Phillips, Nobel Prize in Physics 1997
Title of the lecture: Quantum information: a scientific and technological revolution for the 21st century.

May 2016

14 Commencement ceremony
The University's public commencement ceremony for recent graduates took place for the second time in the Cathedral square in Trento.
18 - 19 Collège de France visiting professor Gabriele Veneziano at the University of Trento
Professor Gabriele Veneziano, physicist, gave two lectures that attracted the attention of students, PhD candidates and professors, in the framework of the visiting professorship agreement that binds the two universities.
31 Hype Global Sport Innovation Competition
An international competition for start-ups that brings together sport entrepreneurs from all over the world; the European finals took place in Trento.

April 2016

6 The new Academic Senate takes office
The new members are professors Macchi, Zandonini, Pascuzzi and Sciortino. Lorenzini is the new students’ representative.
8 - 13 - 22 Journalism. A series of meetings - What is left. What has changed. What has disappeared
Meetings with Giovanni De Mauro (director of Internazionale), Claudio Cerasa (director of Il Foglio), Giovanni Caprara (science editor at Corriere della Sera).
20 Placement Day 2016
Event organised by the Department of Economics and Management to meet the business world.
28 Employment stability and workers’ protection in law 23/2015
CGIL, CISL and UIL Trentino dissertation award for the best thesis on labour related matters - XIV edition.
29 The University of Trento is the first Italian university to approve and certify the single annual budget
Efficient and transparent management: a “cultural turning point” for Italian universities that Trento adopted 15 years ago.

March 2016

2 e 9 Journalism. A series of meetings - What is left. What has changed. What has disappeared.Two meetings with Stefano Feltri (vice chief editor at Il Fatto Quotidiano) and Luca Sofri (editor in chief at Il Post).
3 Carla Locatelli elected president of ASEA-UNINET, the network of European and Asian universities
For the 2016-2018 term.
4-5-6 Green Week
This year's theme is: "Do not waste” - Three days of events, talks, presentations.
marzo-aprile Research & Revolution?
A series of films on scientific work.
10-11-12 ICT Days 2016
The Information and Communication Technology event.
marzo-aprile Science in town
A conference series promoted by the Department of Mathematics.
11 Open doors at the University of Trento
The programme includes an overview of bachelor’s degree courses and 5-year master’s courses.
17 Macchi, Zandonini, Pascuzzi and Sciortino elected to the Academic Senate
They will be in office for the 2016-2019 term.
21 The strategic role of academic research and higher education for the future of our country
Young researchers discuss experiences and present proposals.
22 Collège de France visiting professor at the University of Trento
Pierre-Louis Lions, a mathematician from the Collège de France, visits our University for a lecture that will attract students, PhD candidates and professors, in the framework of the visiting professorship agreement that binds the two universities.

February 2016

2 Un mondo più largo - (A wider world)
Professor Innocenzo Cipolletta, president of the University’s Board of Directors, explains how the world will evolve with the expansion of development areas, and what will be the role of industrialized countries and of Italy.
11 Gravitational waves detected
The University of Trento is part of the early group of researchers that announced the breakthrough discovery.
12 Einstein wave - gravitational waves detected for the first time
Scientific explanations, behind-the-scene facts and curiosities concerning this epic discovery were the focus of the conference - with the scientists from the University of Trento participating in the project - which was held just a few hours after the international announcement of the detection of gravitational waves for the first time.
12 Open Doors at the University of Trento
This event offers students the chance to experience University life first-hand, getting in touch with the academic environment and its services and meeting professors and guidance tutors.
16 Special Lecture with professor Werner Güth
The event is organized by the Doctoral School in Social Sciences.
17 LISA Pathfinder's cubes released today while in orbit
The objective of the mission is to demonstrate the technological feasibility to detect gravitational waves from space.

January 2015

27 2015-2016 Academic year Inauguration Ceremony
Special guest Riccardo Donadon, founder of H-Farm
28 The University of Trento helps children in need
Students of the Department of Industrial Engineering make prosthetic hands using 3D printer