Activated from academic year 2017-2018 (33rd Cycle), in cooperation with Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK). 

Director: prof. Gianluca Esposito
Deputy-director: prof. Barbara Treccani

Call for applications for the admission to the Doctoral programme in Cognitive Science are now available.
More information at the webpage: Announcement of selection

Research items performed within the PhD programme


  • Attention and executive function
  • Behavior Analysis and Modification
  • Development of psychometric models of cognitive functions
  • Emotions and emotional regulation
  • Epistemological foundations of cognitive science
  • Gender and gender relations
  • Judgment, decision-making and reasoning in law, economics and health
  • Learned regulation of brain signals
  • Parenting: biology and environmental factors
  • Psychology and Clinical research methodology
  • Psychology of Language,¬†Linguistics and Neurolinguistics
  • Social cognition and intergroup relations
  • Statistical and psychometric techniques for complex data
  • Typical and atypical development
  • Work, organizational and personnel psychology

Cognitive Technologies

  • Automatic analysis of human behavior
  • (Automatic) Natural language processing
  • Cognitive ergonomics and interaction with intelligent systems
  • Interaction with Big Data and decision-making
  • Technology for education

Education and training

  • Inclusive processes in educational contexts
  • Media, eLearning and Learning Communites online in educational processes
  • Quality of education and training process

Official languages: Italian and English

Duration: 3 years