5x1000 2019

Just sun - all the energy that we need


Transforming carbon dioxide (CO2) from being a problem to a resource through solar energy!
This is the objective of the Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory in the Physics Department that the University of Trento has decided to support in their 5x1000 2019 campaign.

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Fundraising campaigns

Correttore genomico

The Department for Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology of the University of Trento has created a  precision “genomic scalpel”, that could facilitate a crucial advance in the fight against genetic diseases and tumours.

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Adopt a refugee student

Well come UniTrento for refugees


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Completed campaigns

StimoLaMente - Cancer drugs from marine organisms


There are two projects for which we can donate 5x1000: StimoLaMente (Carlo Miniussi, CIMeC) and Cancer drugs from marine organisms (Ines Mancini, Department of Physics).

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There are currently no definitive cures for retinal degenerations but several clinical trials on possible therapeutic options are underway, even though there is still a long way to go for science, and progress comes at a cost.
The Laboratory of Neural Development and Regeneration at CIBIO is studying retinal diseases using models that reproduce the genetic and phenotypic characteristics of the diseases in humans. vediamociancora

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Cerco un uovo amico

Cerca un uovo amico

JOINING FORCES to fight neuroblastoma and solid paediatric tumors.
The University of Trento is collecting donations to fund research at CIBIO through the sale of chocolate Easter eggs. The goal of the project is to identify the biological weak spot of neuroblastoma and to find new drugs and treatments to fight it through state of the art robotic equipment.

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The funded projects

Prosthetic hands

Realizzazione di protesi di mano

The victims of landmines, occupational accidents, child exploitation, and people with genetic deformities need a type of assistance that is not always ensured by public health. This research group creates low-cost prosthetic hands via 3d printer for children with amputated limbs.

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Autism spectrum disorders

Disturbi dello Spettro Autistico

Autism spectrum disorder is a set of neurodevelopmental disabilities characterized by impairments in social interaction and communication and restricted and repetitive interests/behaviors.
The purpose of the project is to devise strategies that promote intense and structured interactions among children with ASD, their peers and adults, to improve the quality of life of people with ASD and their caregivers.

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Paolo ColliniDear friends,

the University of Trento, too, after the example set by universities all over the world and by the British ones in particular, has started to raise funds for projects, students and research. Most of all, however, the purpose of fundraising campaigns is to involve local society and businesses in our community.

You all know how hard it is to fund research in Italy. Public funding has always been well below the European average and decreased further, not only because of the serious economic crisis that affected the global economy in recent years. Despite that, however, our university has been able to maintain an excellent level of research and teaching, but we need the participation of the local community to continue on this path. Raising funds for research is a way to “disseminate” science, to make it available to people and not just to scientists.

And this will make the University responsible for what it does in the eyes of those who donate their money so that it can prosper and grow. Every now and then we will publicly inform our funders, providing details on the use of resources and the results achieved, to prove that these actions improve the life of the whole community.

Let’s build our future together!

Thank you
Paolo Collini

For information:

fundraising [at] unitn.it