Successful applicants holding a foreign qualification must present to the Divisione Supporto Corsi di Dottorato e Alta Formazione at least one of the following documents by the deadline indicated on the call:

  • Diploma Supplement in English (according to the model developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO / CEPES);
  • alternatively the Declaration of value together with the copy of the final Diploma with a complete transcript of records, translated and authenticated by the Italian diplomatic representatives in the country of issue. Should the Declaration of Value not be available by the given deadline, the candidate has to produce evidence of the request to the Diplomatic mission. The candidate has to provide the original Declaration of Value as soon as available. The Declaration of value can be replaced by the Statement of comparability - university qualification awarded by the ENIC-NARIC Center in Italy (CIMEA) that contains all the information necessary for the evaluation of the qualification;
  • alternatively the Rector's Decree of "Equivalence-academic recognition of the title".

The validity of any qualifications obtained abroad will be checked when the official documents are submitted. Until then, candidates are admitted onto the programme conditionally and may be excluded if they are found not to meet the requirements.