Research Area No. of positions Funded by No. of reserved scholarship Topic (funding)
A 3 2 - MUR Dipartimenti di Eccellenza
2 - University of Trento
7 A1 - Cross-modal understanding and generation of visual and textual content (DISI)
A2 - Deep Learning for Human Behaviour Analysis in Social Robotics (DISI)
A3 - Neural Dialogue Models for fighting misinformation and hate speech (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
A4 - Persona Based neural models for Opinionated Dialogues (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
A5 - End-2-End AI technologies for the semantic interpretation of audio and speech data (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
A6 - Fairness and explainable methods for machine learning and deep learning algorithms (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
A7 - Flexibility and Robustness in Speech Translation (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
B 8

6 - MUR Dipartimenti di Eccellenza
1 - University of Trento
1 - University of Trento/DISI

2 B1 - Low-power Networking and Localization with Ultra-wideband (UWB) (in parte PRIN 2017, CUP E64I19001110001) (DISI)
B2 - Multi-Access Edge Computing for Beyond 5G Networks (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
C 5

3 MUR Dipartimenti di Eccellenza
2 University of Trento


C1 - Engineering Game-based Motivational Digital System for Personalized and Cooperative Learning (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
C2 - Testing for complex parametric systems (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
C3-Self-Adaptive Automated Planning and Scheduling via Combination with Reinforcement Learning (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
C4 - Formal verification of hybrid system models for control software (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
C5 - Formal Verification of complex cyberphysical systems (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler) additional, published on 24/03/2021

D 4 3 - MUR Dipartimenti di Eccellenza
1 - University of Trento
4 D1 - Advanced methodologies for radar and radar sounder image processing (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
D2 - Remote sensing image time series analysis for climate change (FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

The scholarships for specific research topics (reserved scholarships) are conditional on execution of a particular research topic for which specific skills are required. Candidates interested in one or more of these scholarships must carefully check the topic, the requirements and whether the scholarships are subject to the acceptance of nondisclosure obligations and/or assignment of the results, listed at: