Research Area No. of scholarships Funded by No. reserved scholarships Topic and funding - first Call CYCLE 36
A1- Deep Learningper Human Behaviour Understanding (DISI)
A2 - Hybrid Quantum-Annealer Algorithms for Tabu Search and Data-Driven Computation (DISI, Q@TN)
A3 - Human behaviour understanding (DISI)
A4 - Deep Learning Models for Human Behaviours (FBK, aggiuntiva)
A5 - Robust and multilingual hate speech detection (FBK, aggiuntiva)
A6 - Flexibility and Robustness in Speech Translation (FBK, aggiuntiva)
B1 - Innovative methodologies for the tolerance analysis and the robust design of antenna systems with continuous and discrete apertures (DISI)
B2 - Advanced design of engineered electromagnetic materials for next generation radar and wireless communications systems (DISI)
B3 - Low-power Localization for the Internet of Things (IoT) (DISI)
B4 - Data-driven techniques for closed-loop network and service management and RAN disaggregation in 6G Mobile Networks (aggiuntiva)
B5 - Development of innovative Microsystems-based Radio Frequency RF-MEMS passives for next generation of telecommunications, wireless and radio systems (FBK, aggiuntiva)
C1 - Composition of the heterogeneous Data Bases (DISI)
C2 - Making Quantum Annealing Useful for Real: Compiling Effectively and Efficiently Very-Hard Combinatorial Problems into Ising Problems (DISI, Q@TN)
C3 - SMT-based formal verification of parameterized systems (FBK, aggiuntiva)
D1 - Ultrasound Imaging Solutions Dedicated to Bubbly Media (DISI)
D2 - Development of methodologies and automatic techniques for the analysis of data acquired by planetary radars (DISI)
D3 - Development of methods based on artificial intelligence and machine learning for the analysis of remote sensing data acquired by planetary and/or Earth Observation missions (DISI)
D4 - Automatic analysis of radar/radar sounder images (FBK, aggiuntiva)
D5 - Multi-/Hyper-temporal remote sensing image time series analysis (FBK, aggiuntiva)
The scholarships for specific research topics (reserved scholarships) are conditional on execution of a particular research topic for which specific skills are required. Candidates interested in one or more of these scholarships must carefully check the topic, the requirements and whether the scholarships are subject to the acceptance of nondisclosure obligations and/or assignment of the results, listed at: