The undergraduate degree program in Workplace Accident Prevention techniques (class L/SNT4) is an inter-university course offered jointly by the University of Trento and the University of Verona, in collaboration with the Provincial Health Authority of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The course has a limited number of places.

Attendence is mandatory for at least 75% of classes and 100% of the internship activities, as included each year.

Lessons will take place at the Polo Universitario delle Professioni Sanitarie (Health Professions University Campus) in via Briamasco, 2,  Trento  and to a lesser degree in Rovereto..

Who is a Workplace Accident Prevention Technician?

He/She is a healthcare professional whose work profile is defined by D.M. n. 58/1997. He/She promotes and safeguards public health and carries out all activities of prevention; checks and controls on hygiene and workplace safety; food and drink hygiene; public veterinary health and hygiene; and environmental hygiene and protection. 

What does a Workplace Accident Prevention Technician do?

The graduate in Workplace Accident Prevention Techniques may be asked, for example, to:
  • Autonomously and responsibly manage the prevention, checks and controls on the quality of living and work spaces;
  • Define the intervention priorities based on health and safety needs, organizational needs as well as the best usage of available resources;
  • Project, realize and supply--in collaboration with other professionals--informative and educational activities for both individuals and groups about prevention and risk factor control; 
  • Manage prevention and control checks to assure the safety and salubrity of food and drinks from the production to consumption phase.
  • Identify, analyse and evaluate the risk factors for health and safety (systems and equipment; physical, chemical, and biological agents; psychological, social, organizational and ergonomic factors) and identify the most efficacious and appropriate prevention measures and techniques for these problems;
  • Manage the instructional activities aimed at the issuance of authorizations as well as health and safety clearance;
  • Interpret and manage the controls for the enforcement of the laws and regulations for health and safety prevention.

Where does a Workplace Accident Prevention Technician work?

Graduates in Workplace Accident Prevention Techniques work for the National Public Health System; in prevention and protection services of public structures and private companies; in the environmental sector of Regional and Provincial agencies for Occupational Health and Safety; in private companies as health and safety manager or consultant for food safety, workplace and occupational safety; or as a freelance consultant.


In order to be admitted to the course, it is necessary to pass an admissions exam (multiple choice test) and obtain a sufficient score for the ranking. The admissions exam for the 2020/2021 academic year will be on 8 September 2020. 

Information and deadlines for registering for the exam are publishing on the University of Verona webpage (see links). 

Contact Info: 
Course Program Office
ph. 0464.403140
segreteriaclrov [at]

UniVr Student Office
ph. 045 8027229
UniVr Admissions Office
ph. 045 802 8260