Health, healthcare and knowledge

The topics discussed in this year’s meeting, health and healthcare, were very interesting and also rather complex.
Before and during the meeting, academics from the University’s departments and centres presented their research. The presentations have been a success in terms of attendance, and this led to university to organize another initiative focusing even more on the research work that is carried out in our University’s laboratories.

Citizens will have the opportunity to visit these laboratories to take a better look at our University’s research work through demonstrations and interactive experiences.

There will be two “Open lab days”, the first in Rovereto and Mattarello (29 November) and the second at the departments of Povo and Mesiano (1 December), when visitors will be given a tour of our research facilities.

The programme also includes two seminars: one in Trento on 30 November and one in Rovereto on 5 December; on these occasions, representatives of the University’s departments and centres will discuss, in an interdisciplinary vein, some current issues like living wills (given the recent draft decree currently under review in Parliament) and Alzheimer’s disease.

To visit the laboratories, please book your place by 24 November through the online form below. Choose the laboratory you would like to visit and your preferred time.
Seminars are free for anyone to attend.