The involvement of young, highly qualified and dynamic researchers is one of the funding principles of the University of Trento and a condition on which it builds its ability to develop research at departments and centres in new and innovative directions.

The University of Trento organises training events aimed at enforcing its support services dedicated to young researchers, including MSCA-IF Fellows (Individual Fellowships). Such events help increasing Transferable Skills of young researchers and are focused on:

  • grant-writing: writing in a convincing way a competitive research proposal is a vital skill for a young researcher: 
  • communicating science: young researchers are provided with modules defining skills to communicate their research to the wider public (specific vs general public); 
  • open science: this approach is a must for any researcher and it is focused on a wide dissemination of knowledge using digital technologies as soon as such knowledge is available;
  • research integrity: each researcher must conduct research in a responsible and professional way, ensuring quality and allowing others to have trust and confidence in the methods used.

The Research support and Technology Transfer division supports young researchers by identifying best funding opportunities and provides assistance in the proposal writing and submission.
Further to the launch of  new calls, the Division publishes on an internal database an information sheet resuming main details of the call and providing information on internal selection procedures.

Training initiatives for young researchers: