On 30 January 2018, news spread around the world: researchers from the University of Trento devised the most advanced genome editing technique in the world.
For the first time, the University of Trento decided to invite citizens to contribute to the development of a biomedical sector that is changing the world.
Citizens responded enthusiastically

Thank you for believing in this project, thank you for believing in science thank to all those who support researchers and their work.

Thank you for believing in the future and for helping us building it!

Fundraiser goal: 160,000 € – Amount raised: 753,000 €

CIBIO, the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology of the University of Trento, invented a high-precision "genomic scalpel" which could lead to important progress in the fight against genetic diseases and cancer.

The research team at CIBIO refined an already existing technique, the CRISP/Cas9, with which it is possible to remove portions of the genetic code where DNA is damaged.

This technique, however, was not sufficiently accurate because the cuts could affect parts of healthy genome with unpredictable consequences, and this aspect made it unsuitable for clinical applications.

Removal of dna portion

The turning point came when CIBIO managed to develop this technique and to make it work like a precise and safe genomic scalpel. In the future, the applications of the genomic scalpel in clinical settings may involve a wide range of serious conditions, from genetic disorders to tumors.

Now CIBIO would like to continue to improve the technique to expand its area of application, to make this already powerful and precise tool suitable to be used in the treatment of different diseases.

Remove damaged area in dna

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