Genomic corrector:  time to look at diseases



In 2018 the Department of Cellular, computational and Integrative Biology (CIBIO) University of Trento created a “gene corrector”, a kind of precision scapel, that could enable a crucial advance in the fight against genetic diseases.

This signifies an evolution in technique, the so-called CRISPR/cas9, that permits the genome to be cut at the exact spot where the DNA is diseased. Up until now the cut could be carried out on parts of a healthy genome, causing unpredictable effects, while the version created in Trento is currently the most precise and safe in the world.

Experiments on specific pathologies are now actually being carried out.
The first category of disease where CRISPR Cas9 will be used for clinical experimentation is that of rare genetic pathologies, produced from the mutation of an individual gene in the genome..

The correction of this gene in a sufficient number of cells could slow down or even stop the degenerative process of the mutation.

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The meaning of a moderate donation sum according to article 783 c.c. a modest donation with regard to the donor’s economic situation.

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Tax concessions

Donations made for research carried out at the University of Trento are totally deductable from income.

It is suggested that the receipt given upon payment of the donation be kept  and produced on the occasion of filing the donor’s tax return, with the purpose of obtaining a rebate. 

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