In line with its Strategic Plan 2017-2021 the University of Trento promotes the participation of young researchers in national, European and international calls for proposals.
2018 available budget amounts to 240.000 Euro and may be used to cover the costs associated to project proposals development aiming at participating in a competitive call

Thematic areas:   
- Humanities (total budget: 120.000,00 for around 8 projects); 
- Science and Technology disciplines including Psychology (total budget:120.000,00 Euro for around 8 projects).

Project proposals may be submitted by the following categories of young researchers of the University of Trento:

  • assegnisti and/or post-doc collaborators
  • fixed-term researchers

The applicant must have a contract with the University of Trento during the entire duration of the project in order to prepare and submit proposals as Principal Investigators or funded researcher (e.g. individual fellowship like Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowship). 
The maximum amunt a young researcher can receive is 15.000 Euro.
Staff costs (for staff already hired /to be hired by the University of Trento, including the applicant) are not eligible.

Proposals under this call must be: 
- drafted in Italian or English (the applicant can choose between English and Italian) and using the form atteched to the call; 
- signed and submitted as PDF file by email within May 4th 2018 to the following e-mail address: [at]  


Contacts for further information on proposals submission: 

  • polo Città: citta.research [at]
  • polo Collina: collina.research [at]
  • polo Rovereto: rovereto.research [at]