PhD Programme in Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering

The University of Trento announces a public selection procedure for admission to the 40th cycle (academic year 2024/2025) of the Doctoral Programme in "Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering" 40th cycle (a.y. 2024/2025).

In List of Calls for Phd positions, announcements of selection from past years are available.

Announcement of selection 40th cycle - A.Y. 2024-2025

Rector's Decree no. 457 of 23/04/2024, published in this webpage on 24/04/2024.
*please note that only the Italian version of the call is legally binding, the English version is provided for information only.

Positions: n. 17
Scholarships: n. 17 (of which n. 15 on reserved topics)

The Academic year starts November 1, 2024
Duration of the PhD Programme: 3 years

May also be admitted on additional positions candidates selected by special committees for admission related to specific international mobility programmes in which the University of Trento participates.

application/pdfMMSE First call Cycle 40(PDF | 485 KB)

How to apply

To partecipate to the selection procedure, fill in the application online within the deadline.

Deadline for application: May 24th, 2024 hrs. 4.00 PM (Italian time)

Applicants are advised to register well in advance of the deadline. The University shall not be considered responsible for any dysfunctions due to technical problems and/or overload of the communication line and/or of the OS, for the loss of communication due to incorrect address details or late communication about possible change of address of the candidates, or for any other problem and delay due to third parties, unexpected cases or circumstances beyond one’s control.

Details about funded positions

Positions and scholarships increased after the publication of the call are in bold (indicated with +).

Department of Industrial Engineering: n. 1
A – Estimation and Control Algorithms for Robots in Shared Environments – Project UE HE MAGICIAN, G.A. n. 101120731, CUP E63C23000730006

University of Trento and Department of Industrial Engineering: n. 3
B – Active Sensing Algorithms for Collaborative Robots – Project UE HE MAGICIAN, G.A. n. 101120731, CUP E63C23000730006
C – Numerically efficient reinforcement learning – Project UE HE INVERSE, G.A. n. 101136067, CUP E63C23001600006
D - RESilient hybrid microgrids enabled by COordinated Power Electronic hubs for the GREEN Revolution (RESCOPE4GREEN) – Project PNRR MUR PRIN 2022, Prot. n. P2022W4HFX, CUP E53D23014790001

University of Trento and Robosense: n. 1
E – 3D vision aided Robotic devices

Fondazione Bruno Kessler: n. 2
F – Chipless RFID sensors for ionizing radiation
G – Advancing Open-Source Robotics for Cost-Effective Agricultural Digital

MUR funded grants - Department sof Escellence. Funding allocated by the MUR under the intervention "Department sof Escellence 2023-2027 (Law 232/2016)", Department of Industrial Engineering, CUP E63C22003890001: N. 8
H – Novel lead-free actuators based on electroactive ceramics by sustainable processing
I – Advanced Digital Sensors and Energy Harvesting with 3D Printed Electronics on Flexible Surfaces and Textiles
J – Development of flexible active mechanical metamaterials for autonomous morphing and shape adaptation
K – Smart materials integrating embedded optical fiber sensors – 
L – Design and development of soft robots with multifunctional-material-based artificial muscles
M – Human-centric collaborative manufacturing with industrial cobot for operator well-being in Industry 5.0 era
N – Design, Modeling, and Control with Structured Neural Networks for New Prototypes of Wearable Flexible interfaces
O – Data-driven optimization for the manufacturing of multi-functional natural-based conductive hydrogels for flexible technologies applications

For information about scholarship with reserved research topics see the file "Research subjects".

Scholarships made available after the publication of the call (and published on this webpage) can be selected by using the entry “Other” in the proper section of the online application, and indicating in the specific field the title of the scholarship.

Applicants who have already closed and sent the application before the publication of additional scholarships, can apply for those scholarships sending an e-mail to ateneo [at], indicating in the subject "Application ID - Surname Name - PhD in Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering - 40th cycle - additional scholarship” mentioning the new order of preference if necessary.

application/pdfResearch subjects(PDF | 398 KB)

Examination’s schedule and results

Assessment schedule: starting from May 28th, 2024
Oral examination: June 19th and June 20th, 2024

List of exclusions of incomplete applications: not available
List of exclusions for not recognized qualification: not available
Assessment of qualifications and candidates admitted to the interview: not available

Final ranking: not available

Deadline for enrolment:
Position with scholarship: not available

Information about first year enrollment procedure available at the related web page.

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