The Research Support and Knowledge Transfer Division, in collaboration with Ilaria Ampollini (Department of Sociology and Social Research - STSTN Research Group, Science Technology and Society), organizes a training course on the communication of scientific research for doctoral students and researchers. The course, part of the CLaSTer project, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento, aims at fostering the reflection and the debate between the researchers on topics related to the Third Mission and the communication of research
The four meetings will firstly provide researchers with the practical tools to optimize strategies of science communication; moreover, participants will get the chance to prove themselves with a series of short workshops. A solid theoretical overview will be also provided, in order to outline the key themes of the existing literature about science communication.
Every meeting, consisting of two parts, will focus on a specific theme: the first introductory part will be held by Ilaria Ampollini, while the second part will be dedicated to the invited speakers.

Dates and Topics:

  • Wednesday 10 October 2018: Why and what do we communicate? - focusing on the issues to be communicated and on the importance of the communication of research
  • Wednesday, 24 October 2018: How do we communicate? - focusing on the different modalities of communication, eg. social media and scientific journalism
  • Wednesday, 7 November 2018: To whom do we communicate? - focusing on the different audiences
  • Wednesday 28 November 2018: Planning, design and evaluation - design your own project 

Timetable: each meeting will be held in Italian on Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 6 pm; lunch and coffee breaks are included
Location: Sociology and Social Research Department, via Verdi 26, Aula riunioni, 2nd floor. 
Target audience: researchers, doctoral students, professors and PTA

  • Marco Ciardi (University of Bologna) Methods of science, magic and pseudoscience
  • Mattia Andreoletti (University of Milan) Integrity of research and public trust
  • Cristina Da Rold (Freelance Journalist) Communicating with social media
  • Sandro Iannaccone (Galileo. Giornale di Scienza) Communication and scientific journalism
  • Agnese Sonato (PLaNCK! Magazine) Communicating to children
  • Andrea De Bortoli (AgoràScienza - University of Turin) University and the dialogue with citizens

Information and registration: ilaria.ampollini [at]
For registration please send an email by 30 September 2018; limited. seats available.
Registration to the whole series of meetings is recommended. It is however possible to sign up to attend one ore more single sessions (upon request by email).
Credits are assigned on the basis of the final exam, which will consist in designing a scientific communication project on the basis of the practical and theoretical skills acquired during the course. The project will be evaluated by the teacher.

The training course is supported by the STAR grant - Autonomous Province of Trento.  

Photo credit: IMG>, Vector set of speech bubbles in comic style (...), ©vladayoung (graphic elaboration by laria Ampollini)