Get to UniTrento with PickMeUp 2.0

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The Telegram-based ride-sharing service
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PickMeUp is a new car-sharing platform to share rides in the Province of Trento, promoted by Banca del Tempo Etico ( It is a sustainable mobility project that aims to reduce traffic and the environmental impact of cars. PickMeUp is available via the Telegram app on smartphones. Through PickMeUp you can offer and ask for free car rides on commuter lines on every day of the week and for occasional trips. To use the service, download Telegram on your smartphone, search for the “PickMeUp_bot” user and add it to your contacts. Now you are good to go! For further information visit

In 2015 the UN launched Agenda 2030, a global action programme for sustainable development that includes 17 objectives, the Sustainable Development Goals, to be achieved by 2030. An ambitious goal for the future of people and the planet.
PickMeUp represents one step forward toward the following sustainable development goals:

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To improve the offer of sustainable mobility options, UniTrento will review its policies every year in order to introduce further car-pooling opportunities for the University community.

Other UniTrento actions for sustainable mobility

Car sharing

The University of Trento co-founded Car sharing Trento in 2009, because it recognized the importance of mobility as a driving force of important benefits for the community since the very beginning. Car-sharing represents a “new concept of mobility as a flexible and integrated service”. The University of Trento, as a public institution, could not ignore this perspective.

The service: “Car sharing Trentino” is a cooperative organization that has been working in our Province since 2009, offering a car sharing service to both private users and companies. Car sharing schemes are more and more common in urban areas and consist of a number of cars that are available to users who have registered with the service in order to collectively use the vehicles. Users basically can book a car from the service when they need one, and pay for the time they use it. The service is mainly aimed at people who don’t use cars very often and therefore decide not to own one, sparing on the costs (so they save on taxes, insurance, maintenance costs).
Car-sharing is an alternative mode of transportation based on the cars that make up the fleet of Car sharing Trentino which includes a growing number of vehicles located in Trento, Rovereto and Riva del Garda.

How it works: please visit for more details.

Objectives: to encourage sustainable modes of transportation, UniTrento sostenibile is exploring the opportunity for University staff to use car sharing vehicles for daily institutional missions instead of their privately-owned cars. The service is mainly aimed at researchers, teaching staff and visitors who do not own a car. The University is collecting information from other Italian universities to find a suitable solution from an administrative point of view.
Point of reference: Luca Battisti, head of the Logistics division - luca.battisti [at]

UniTrento libera circolazione

More than 16,000 students are enrolled at the University of Trento and many of them move around with different means of transport to attend classes or simply to travel and explore the beauty of Trentino. Student mobility impacts on local mobility in general and on sustainability.

The purpose of UniTrento libera circolazione is to encourage the use of public transit among students, who can buy a yearly pass with only 50 euros to travel in the entire province of Trento.

The action started on 21 August 2017.

For further information visit the libera circolazione page.

The University fleet of vehicles

The University is exploring opportunities for a functional improvement of its fleet of vehicles to offer a service of higher quality, make it suitable to the departments’ needs, and comply with emission standards and regulations in force.