Everyone’s gone? Turn off the light!

Lets save the environment from CO2 emissions that can be avoided. At the end of a lecture, or when you have finished working or studying and leave a room empty, remember to turn off the light if there is no automatic switch-off system.

Trento University is evaluating strategies to improve the efficiency of the lighting of teaching rooms and offices. In the meantime, you can do a lot to reduce the environmental impact related to the production and consumption of electrical energy that still relies partly on combustible fossil fuels. Turn off the light if you realize you are the last person to leave the teaching room or office where there is no automatic switch-off system. A neon light-bulb consumes about 60 Watts. Would you  keep the oven on for an extra hour if you have finished using it? A 100-seat teaching room usually has about twenty lights that together consume as much as an electric oven. 

Turn off your computer when you leave your desk

You can help reduce energy consumption. Leaving your computer on at night emits as much CO2 as a truck driving for 1 km*.
If you care about the environment, save energy.

Electricity that is consumed by appliances left on standby mode has a huge environmental impact, because the energy that is used is still, at least in part, generated by fossil fuels. UniTrento encourages energy saving practices to reduce its impact on the environment. Your help is crucial to achieve this goal!

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European Environment Agency, 2017. EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook 2016 – Last Update June 2017.

Energy saving practices help achieve the following sustainable development goals:

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