I recycle, what about you?

Do your part for proper waste disposal. Read the guidelines for recycling on the bins you find around university buildings and facilities.

Recycling recovers materials that can be reused and reduces the amount of material dumped in landfill sites or waste incineration plants. By reducing the quantity of waste, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste management (transport, landfill disposal, incineration). According to estimates, landfills in Italy generate every year 11 million tons non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. Gases like methane (a byproduct of landfills that enters the atmosphere if it is not captured by appropriate systems) and nitrogen oxides have a global warming potential that is 1-2 orders of magnitude than Co2. Non-biogenic greenhouse gases from landfills have a climate impact that, at national level, amounts to 3 times that of home heating systems for hot water production and heating*. Proper waste disposal has many advantages!

European Environment Agency, 2018. EEA greenhouse gas - data viewer. http://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/data-viewers/greenhouse-gase...

Proper waste disposal represents one step forward toward the following sustainable development goals:

7 energia pulita e accessibile11 città e comunità sostenibili12 consumo e produzione responsabili13 lotta contro il cambiamento climatico