Starting Grant Giovani Ricercatori 2019

The University has approved a number of actions to increase the independence of young researchers.
One of these is the “Starting Grant” for young researchers of the University of Trento, which encourages them to participate – as principal investigators, scientific coordinators or research fellows – in competitive research calls at national, European and international level.
In the 2019-2021 term, a new “Starting Grant” call will be launched every six months to fund, up to 15,000 euro, projects in the humanities and in the area of science and technology, including psychological disciplines. Applications are welcome from young researchers of the University of Trento, in particular research fellows/collaborators, postdocs, fixed-term researchers (RTD-A), fixed-term researcher (RTD - B) not eligible for the action “Fondo di dotazione iniziale RTD b”.

The deadlines for 2019 are the following:

  • 2nd call (closed on 30 September 2019) - Funded projects (PDF | 17,8 KB)
  • 1st call (closed on 15 February 2019) - Funded projects (PDF | 6,21 KB)

Application documents: 

  • 2° call - application documents (ZIP file | 352 KB)
  • 1° call - application documents (ZIP file | 247 KB) 

Information sessions (1st call)

ECIU – European Consortium of Innovative Universities 

The University of Trento is a member of ECIU-European Consortium of Innovative Universities, a leading international consortium of research intensive universities, with collective emphasis on innovation, creativity and societal impact, driving the development of a knowledge-based economy.
In this context, UniTrento has adopted the annual mobility fund of € 20.000 aiming at increasing mobility of its researchers; researchers from UniTrento interested in establishing or extending high-profile collaborative scientific relations with ECIU partners may apply for up to € 5000 for outgoing travel and associated subsistence costs. 

The deadlines for 2019-20 are the following: 

  • 2nd call: 16 December 2019 - 14 February 2020
  • 1st call (closed on 30 April 2019) 

Application documents: 

  • Call (PDF ita |181 KB/PDF eng | 185 KB)
  • Application form (DOC eng 44 KB)
    Please note that the Application form ("Approval" section) requires the signature of the Director of Department at UniTrento. 

National and local calls

European and International calls