Just sun

All the energy we need

Transforming Carbon dioxide (CO2) from being a problem to a resource using solar energy.

This is the objective that the Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory of the Physics Department of the University of Trento has decided to support in the 5x1000 2019 campaign.

Every day we get  10 thousand times the energy that we need on the Earth from the Sun. But how can we store it?

Unfortunately using renewable energy  on a massive scale is currently limited to its temporal variability,  resulting in the production of fluctuating power which  doesn’t ensure  efficient and constant use.

The Department of Physics at the University of Trento studies how to store renewable electrical energy converting CO2 into combustible liquid.

Thanks to an innovative technique of laser spectroscopy devised by the laboratory headed by professor Paolo Tosi, they are able to study what occurs inside the electrical discharge induced in CO2, obtaining precious information leading to the massive production of combustible liquid.

This technology, based on electrical discharges powered by renewable energy, would permit a crucial increase in the usable quota of renewable energy. 

A limited availability of energy in every part of the planet could perhaps bring an end to geopolitical conflict and tension and contribute to resolving huge global problems: hunger, economic inequality, pollution, sustainability.

 All of this in a cycle that will set the net production of CO2 at zero. In this way a dual objective would be achieved: that of converting CO2 and storing renewable energy in the form of combustible liquids, immediately available for the current system of distribution and use, thus substantially contributing to the decarbonisation of the energy system.


With the imminent deadline of income declarations another opportunity presents itself: that of donating the 5xmille to a specific cause. It is an opportunity to give a purposeful meaning to the taxes that you pay (within the 5xmille),  without any extra charge.

Sustaining scientific research signifies guaranteeing a future of innovation, growth and well-being to the land and to the country, starting with young people. A necessity that is now stronger than ever. A responsibility that involves each one of us.

What to do

Just let it be known to CAF or to your accountant when you fill in your income tax returns.

To allocate the 5x000 quota to the University of Trento 2 simple transactions are sufficient:

1. Sign in the appropriate square that is on the form that the Agenzia delle Entrate provides for the declaration of income:

  • CU 2019 form- "Scheda per la scelta della destinazione dell’8x1000, del 5x1000 e del 2x1000 dell'IRPEF" (form for the choice of destination of IRPEF 8x1000, of 5x10000 and of 2x1000)
  • 730/2018 form -  2018 income
  • Unico persone fisiche 2019 form –  2018 income

Only a single destination is consented.

2. Indicate the University of Trento’s tax code:  tax code: 00340520220.

Warning: it is fundamental to write the tax code to be certain the beneficiary of the 5x000 is effectively the University of Trento.