Website of the Doctorate

In cooperation with the Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) Trento (as per par. 2 of art. 2 of DM 45/2013).

First cohort in the Academic year 2019/2020 (35° cycle).

Director: Prof. Ilaria Pertot
Deputy-Director: prof. Riccardo Rigon

The PhD course aims to train researchers of international standing, able to design and carry out research in topics related to agri-food and environmental sciences. During the course, the student will acquire knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary research area concerning modern agriculture and more generally the anthropic interaction with the environment. The objective is therefore to foster scientific training in the sector of valuable and smart agriculture, focusing on quality food and mitigation of the environmental impact, and sustainable use of environmental resources. The course also aims to train researchers capable of actively contributing to the economic, technological and scientific improvement of the agri-food and environmental sectors, with particular attention to well-being and collective health, preserving natural resources from a circular economy perspective.

Scientific Areas (Ministerial References)
CHIM/01 Analytical Chemistry
AGR/03 General Arboriculture and Tree Cultivation
AGR/05 Forestry and Silviculture
AGR/07 Agrarian Genetics
AGR/09 Agricultural Mechanics
AGR/11 General and Applied Entomology 
AGR/12 Plant Pathology
AGR/15 Food Sciences
BIO/03 Environmental and Applied Botanics
BIO/04 Vegetal Physiology
BIO/07 Ecology
CHIM/10 Food Chemistry
FIS/06 Physics for Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
GEO/04 Physical Geography and Geomorphology
ICAR/01 Hydraulics
ICAR/02 Maritime Hydraulic Construction and Hydrology
ICAR/03 Environmental and Health Engineering
ING-IND/24 Principles of Chemical Engineering
IUS/03 Agrarian Law
SPS/07 General Sociology
SPS/11 Sociology of Political Phenomena
VET/06 Parasitology and Parasitic Animal Diseases

Official language: English

Duration: 3 years