Phd programme in Industrial innovation - in cooperation with Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) of Trento

The University of Trento announces a public selection procedure for admission to the 37th cycle (academic year 2021/2022) of the PhD programme in Industrial innovation.

Announcement of selection - 37th cycle - A.Y. 2021-2022

Rector's Decree no. 546 of 28.06.2021, published in this webpage on 29.06.2021*
*please note that only the Italian version of the call is legally binding, the English version is provided for information only.

Positions: no. 11 + 9
Scholarships: no. 8 + 3
Positions without scholarship reserved to employees of partner companies (working on highly qualified research activity): no. 3 + 6
Supernumerary position without scholarship: no. 1 (see art. 7 of the call)

Positions and scholarships increased after the publication of the call are in red (indicated with +).

The Academic year starts November 1, 2021.

Candidates are recommended to complete the online application well in advance before the deadline, in order to avoid possible technical problems or overcharge of the connection and/or of the application systems.

application/pdfINNIND_bando 37_ENG(PDF | 624 KB)

How to apply

To partecipate to the selection procedure, fill in the application online.

Deadline for application: August 25, 2021 hrs. 04:00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2)

Applicants are advised to register well in advance of the deadline. The University shall not be considered responsible for any dysfunctions due to technical problems and/or overload of the communication line and/or of the OS, for the loss of communication due to incorrect address details or late communication about possible change of address of the candidates, or for any other problem and delay due to third parties, unexpected cases or circumstances beyond one’s control.

Details about funded positions

The scholarships are funded as follows:


n. of scholarships

Research topics

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) e Fonderie Ariotti S.p.A.


A - Designing against failures resulting from static and time-varying loading in thick-walled components made of ductile cast iron

Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni (CNIT) e Athonet S.r.l.


B - Automated Configuration and Orchestration of Beyond-5G Mobile Core Networks

Sinapsi S.r.l.


C - AI4Energy:Towards a new generation of AI-driven recommendation tools for the energy market

Adige S.p.A.


G - Ontology-driven support to fault diagnosis of manufacturing machines based on service mail flows and repair records



D - Application of natural language processing technologies to clinical cases (in collaboration with Roche S.p.A.)
E - Development of a novel membrane based on anionic exchange for use in the electrolysis process (in collaboration with UFI Innovation Center S.r.l.) 
F - Study of Anion exchange membrane electrolyzers: improvements of the performance with the use of innovative functional materials (in collaboration with Enphos S.r.l.)
H - Investigation of the direct ammonia synthesis and its utilization in reversible HT cells (in collaboration with SNAM S.p.A.)
I - Deep Learning for Understanding Visual Scenes - additional posted on July 26, 2021
J - Using Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning for Understanding Socio-Economic Development - additional posted on July 26, 2021

Athonet S.r.l.


K - 3GPP Edge Observability and Scalability - additional posted on July 30, 2021

Reserved scholarships can only be assigned to those candidates who apply for and obtain the specific eligibility

Positions without scholarship reserved to employees of partner companies (working on highly qualified research activity):


n. posti




AE - Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence techniques applied to Up-to-date procurement and supply-chain methodologies for Digital Cost Management cost management

MAVTech S.r.l.


BE - Development of innovative digi-tech solutions for smart farming

SoftJam S.p.A.


CE - Interpretation of very large-scale conversational data

Huawei Technology Duesseldorf GbmH


DE - IoT and Cloud Data security including: (1) Situation Aware, Dynamic Authorization Automotive, (2) Data-centric usage control policies for sovereign data exchange, (3) Bridging federated and decentralized identity - additional posted on July 6, 2021

ETC Sustainable Solutions S.r.l.


EE - Machine Learning Methods for Wastewater Plant Monitoring - additional posted on July 14, 2021

Iveco Defence Vehicles S.p.A. 


FE - Electronic architecture and applications for enhanced vehicle control - additional posted on July 29, 2021

Arcoda S.r.l. 


GE - 3D Reconstruction and optimization of indoor environments: the creation of accurate digital twins for the exploration on Extended reality devices - additional posted on August 16, 2021

CoRehab S.r.l. 


HE - Implementing rehabilitation tools of REPAIRS in commercial rehabilitation video games - additional posted on August 19, 2021

Resonanz Capital GmbH 


IE - Portfolio Selection and Machine Learning - additional posted on August 19, 2021

Applicants who will have already closed and sent the online application after the publication of additional scholarships and/or positions reserved to employees of partner companies will have the possibility to apply by an "Additional application", available only from August 26th to September 2nd, at 04:00 PM (GMT +2) Italian time.

Examination's schedule and final rankings

Assessment of qualification: starting on September 8, 2021.

List of exclusions because of not compliant degree: available in Attachments section (09/09/2021)

Final rankings: available in Attachments section (29/09/2021)

Deadline for enrollment to the first year
October 7, 2021: admitted to a position with scholarship
October 13, 2021: admitted to a position without scholarship

Information about first year enrollment procedure available at the related web page .

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