Doctoral programme in industrial innovation

The announcement of selection for the PhD Programme in “Industrial Innovation” 37th cycle (a.y. 2021/2022) starting on 1st November, 2021 will be published on this webpage as soon as possible.

On the web page List of calls for Phd positions announcements of selection from past years are available.

Announcement of selection

36th cycle – Academic Year 2020-2021

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: expired August 25th, 2020 hrs. 04.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2)

NEWS: Final ranking available in box "Download" (published on 01.10.2020)

Link to the Application online

Positions: no. 16 +5
Scholarships: no. 11 +1
Positions without scholarship reserved to employees of partner companies (working on highly qualified research activity): no. 5 
Supernumerary position without scholarship: no. 1 (see art. 7 of the call)

Positions and scholarships increased after the publication of the call are in red (indicated with +).

The scholarships are funded as follows:


No. of scholarships

Topics of reserved scholarships[1]

Alitech S.r.l.


A - Measurement of the thermal efficiency/perfomance of a Tunnel Baking Oven for Bread

Dav Coil S.r.l.


B - Development of Innovative Heat Exchanger

DISI - EIT Digital


C - Low-latency audio streaming over 5G networks

ETC Sustainable Solutions S.r.l.


D - Innovative Machine Learning Methods for Wastewater Plant Monitoring

Sinapsi S.r.l.


E - Data-driven Marketing and Digital Strategy: AI-based energy consumption analysis methods and algorithms for energy efficiency and creation of added value for the services market

Enyr S.r.l.


F - ML-driven data transformation for renewable power generation data model

CNR and Adige Sys SpA


G - Ontology-driven support to fault diagnosis of manufacturing machines based on service mail flows and repair records



H – Artificial Intelligence for Digital Transformation (in collaboration with Dedagroup S.p.A.)
I – Formal Requirements Specification and Validation in Domain Specific Languages (in collaboration with Intecs Solutions S.p.A.)
J – Formal Methods for the Design of Safety Solutions in Automated Systems (in collaboration with Bosch)
L - Application of Natural Language Processing Technologies to Clinical Cases (additional, pubblished on 21/8/2020)

Bruno Cell S.r.l.


K - Cultured meat from pluripotent stem cells

[1]Reserved scholarships can only be assigned to those candidates who apply for and obtain the specific eligibility

Positions without scholarship reserved to employees of partner companies (working on highly qualified research activity):



Research topics

MPR S.r.l.


AE - UV curable coating for piping 

Exprivia S.p.A. and EIT Digital


BE - Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Decision Support System
CE- Clinical Natural Language Processing and Clinical Big Data

Airpim S.r.l. 1 DE - Distributed coordination and Collaboration Middleware for IoT
Energenius and EIT Digital 1 EE- Edgergenius: delivering AI analytics in the fog for retail
g.tec medical engineering and EIT Digital 1 FE - Brain-Computer Interface (additional, pubblished on 7/7/2020)
Huawei Technology Duesseldorf GbmH 1 GE - Research on situation aware, dynamic authorization in automotive (additional, pubblished on 20/7/2020)
CMS S.p.A. 1 HE - Cooling theory for thermoplastic materials used in SEAM (Screw Extrusion Additive Manufacturing) (additional, pubblished on 17/8/2020)
Enogis S.r.l 1 IE - Deep Learning for Predictive Agronomics (additional, published on 02/09/2020)

Applicants who have already closed their application before the deadline and would like to participate also for the IE position without scholarship reserved to employees should express their interest by sending their research proposal to industrial-innovation [at] industrial-innovation [at] () indicating in the subject: “Application ID - Applicant’s Surname and Name – PhD Programme in Industrial Innovation – 36th Cycle - interest for position IE”) within - and not after - September 6th, 2020. 

Applicants who will have already closed and sent the online application after the publication of additional scholarships and/or positions reserved to employees of partner companies will have the possibility to apply by an "Additional application", available only from August 27th to August 31st, at 04.00 PM (GMT +2) Italian time.

The Academic year starts November 1, 2020.

Announcement of selection:  Rector's Decree no. 428 of 09.06.2020, published in this webpage on 10.06.2020 (available in the “Download" box”)*.
*please note that only the Italian version of the call is legally binding, the English version is provided for information only.

Candidates are recommended to complete the online application well in advance before the deadline, in order to avoid possible technical problems or overcharge of the connection and/or of the application systems.

Examination's schedule

assessment of qualifications: preliminary meeting starting from 08.09.2020.


List of exclusions of incomplete applications: available in box "Download" (published on 07.09.2020)

Final rankings: available in box "Download" (published on 01.10.2020)

Deadline for enrollment to the first year

October 12th 2020 - admitted to a position with scholarship
October 14th 2020 - admitted to a position without scholarship

Information about first year enrollment procedure available at the related web page .

Last updated on September 7, 2020