The University of Trento (Italy) welcomes expressions of interest from excellent international postdoctoral researchers interested in applying to the European Commission Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship with a research project to be carried out in Trento. 

The Marie Skłodowska Curie Action is a funding scheme that supports the mobility of researchers. Individual Fellowships (IF) may last 12-24 months and involve a research project, advanced training and knowledge exchange at the host institution. It offers a competitive salary, mobility and family allowances plus a budget for research and training costs. Applicants are expected to have an excellent CV and a strong publication record.

Selected candidates will be offered both academic and administrative support from the Research Office of the University to develop their proposal. 

Moreover, MSCA applicants having chosen as host institution the University of Trento will be able to access to further opportunities. First, applicants that have been awarded the Seal of Excellence (projects judged excellent but not funded) may apply for a 1-year fellowship targeted to improve and re-submit the proposal. Second, researchers that have successfully completed their MSCA fellowship may apply for a year of extra funding at the end of their scholarship. 

Who can apply to a MSCA?
The applicant, at the deadline for the application (September 11th, 2019), will have to satisfy the following requirements:
- to have a doctoral degree or at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience;
- to have lived, studied or worked in the country of the host organization (for Trento, Italy) for less of 12 months in the three years immediately before the call deadline. For the specific eligibility criteria of Reintegration and CAR Panels, please see MSCA Work Programme 2018-2020 and the MSCA Guide for Applicant 2019

Research areas: 
The call is open to all the research areas of the University of Trento. Applicants interested in 
- Agriculture, Food, Environment - Call (PDF)
- Biotechnologies for Human Health - Call (PDF
- Brain and Cognitive sciences - Neuroscience - Call (PDF)
- Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering - Call (PDF)
- Economics and Management - Call (PDF
- Humanities - Call (PDF)
- ICT - Information and Computer Science - Call (PDF)
- Industrial Engineering - Call (PDF)
- International studies - Call (PDF)
- Law - Call (PDF)
Mathematics - Call (PDF)
- Psychology and Cognitive Science - Call (PDF)
- Sociology, Political Science - Call (PDF)

Interested? Here is what has to be done
Express your interest as soon as possible – and anyway no later than June 14th 2019 - by sending the following documents to the email address listed in the call: 
i) the application form duly filled in and signed (it must contain 2 pages proposal description);
ii) a cover letter;
iii) a CV (max. 2 pages plus full list of publications);
iv) a copy of a valid ID or passport.
● by July 5th 2019 selected applicants will be notified  and invited to prepare their full proposal in collaboration with a supervisor at UniTrento;
● in July 2019 the University of Trento will organize a 2-day training workshop providing applicants with information on how to prepare a successful proposal, and giving them the possibility to meet their potential supervisors and discuss the details of their proposal;
● a complete draft of the application will have to be ready by July 29th 2019;
​● the final version of the application will have to be ready by August 30st 2019 (remember: the University of Trento retains the right to withdraw its support to the proposal!)