Buy on Amazon and have your package delivered to UniTrento

Students, academic and administrative-technical staff of the University of Trento will be able to safely and conveniently pick up their Amazon purchases anytime of the day at five university locations.  

How do lockers work?

  1. Add an item to your Amazon basket and select a pickup point (an Amazon Locker) from your address book, or search by zip code. 
  2. Add the locker to your address book and select it as the shipping address during checkout, confirming that you have access to the building.
  3. When your item is ready for pickup at the Amazon Locker, enter your pickup code on the touch screen display or scan the barcode you received via email. 

Locations and hours

Amazon Lockers have been installed at several locations around the University, and each one has a name: 

  • Abondio – Economics Building (Trento) - Monday-Thursday 7.30-21.45, Friday 7.30‑19.45, Saturday 7.45‑12.00
  • Abrama – Mesiano Campus (Trento) - Monday-Friday 7.30‑20.00)  
  • Acheropita – Law Building (Trento) - Monday-Friday 7.45‑19.30, Sat 7.45‑12.15) 
  • Achillea – Ferrari 2 Building (Povo2)- Monday-Friday 7.30‑20.00) 
  • Accursa – Palazzo Piomarta (Rovereto) - Monday-Friday 7.30‑20.00)