Tu/Amore al seno

The campaign to support breast cancer research

This year, pre-tax donations to UniTrento (5x1000) will be used to help develop an ultrasound diagnostic technique for breast cancer detection.

The focus of the project is tomographic ultrasound imaging. This novel diagnostic technique generates three-dimensional images and allows for a more accurate and precise tissue identification, which is crucial to carry out biopsies safely. This technique is pain-free for patients because it requires no compression and makes no use of x-rays.

With this technology, microbubbles are used as contrast agents: they are injected in the blood stream and reveal their structure, showing any cancer cells.

Donations will be used to fund research into the development of the diagnostic technique and the contrast agent.


As the deadline to submit your tax return approaches, you are offered the opportunity to make a donation (5 per thousand) to an organization of your choice.
If you choose to support research you will give Italy and its youth a future of innovation, growth and well-being. This is something the country really needs right now. A responsibility that involves all of us.

How to donate

Just tell it to your tax filing service or accountant when it’s time.
To make your donation to the University of Trento, you have to:

1. sign the appropriate box in the form that the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) uses for tax returns:

  • Form CU 2020 - “Scheda per la scelta della destinazione dell’8x1000, del 5x1000 e del 2x1000 dell'IRPEF";
  • Form 730/2019 - 2019 tax return;
  • Form Unico persone fisiche (natural persons) 2020 – 2019 tax return.

You can choose only one recipient for your donation.

2. State the University of Trento tax identification number: 00340520220.

Please note that writing the tax identification number is essential to make sure that the University of Trento will receive your donation.