icona didattica TEACHING AND EXAMS


For more information on teaching and learning in the academic year 2020/2021 please visit the website of your Department or Centre and the specific page in homepage Unitrento.

Exams and Language certification exams

Departments and Centers have the possibility to carry out face-to-face exams exclusively in compliance with the prevention and protection measures provided for by the "Operational Protocol to fight and contain the spread of SARS-COV-2 in the workplace at Unitrento" (in Download box).

Graduations and doctoral thesis defences

Graduations and doctoral thesis defences take place online in a way to ensure impartiality and equality. The results will be published, as required by law. The presence of at least one member of the graduation committee in the department is no longer required.

icona tirocini INTERNSHIPS


The internships can be carried out remotely or with a blended formula or in presence based on the availability and needs of the host institution and following sharing of the training project by the company and university tutors. However, university invites to prefer the remote way. It is also possible, compatibly with the availability and needs of the host institution, to reactivate in a mixed formula or in presence the internship suspended or that had been placed in smart working, or alternatively continue with the measures already adopted. In order for the internship to be activated or resumed in a blended formula or in the presence, the host organization must ensure that it has adopted a safety protocol for the COVID-19 epidemic. For more information please read our FAQs in the download box.

Considering the constraints placed by other foreign states, internships abroad can also be reactivated in the presence or in a blended formula. 

When students cannot continue or start an internship, the Director of the relevant department or centre can adopt measures to identify alternative activities with which students can achieve their learning outcomes and earn the relevant university credits.

Internships offered by the University can start or resume. These internships must be authorised, and interns may remain at University premises only for the time necessary to perform their work.

icona programmi internazionaliINTERNATIONAL MOBILITY PROGRAMMES

International mobility programmes

Students who have been selected to participate in international mobility programmes are invited to read these guidelines:

icona ricercaRESEARCH

Laboratory and research work

For laboratory activities to take place, the containment and emergency measures must in any case remain in force. Authorised staff may remain within the laboratory only for the time necessary to perform a given task.

icona servizi agli studentiSTUDENT SERVICES

Office hours

Office hours will take place online.

Front office services

Services will take place online.


Libraries and study rooms

Study rooms at University libraries will reopen on Thursday, 2 July, except for the study room at Palazzo Cavazzani, which will remain closed for the time being.

The number of places available has been reduced and access is reserved to UniTrento students and members of the academic community. The other libraries of the cities are also still closed.

All readers are required to follow some guidelines therefore, before entering the library:

  • make sure that there are places available (use the UniTrentoApp);
  • comply with Covid-19 safety measures to protect your own and others' health (sanitize your hands, self-certify that you are in good health, always wear a mask in all the rooms of the library, inform the library staff when you leave, so that the place will be sanitized).

Opening hours

BUC: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.45
Interlibrary loan office: 9.00-14.00
Engineering Library: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.45
Science Library: Mon-Fri 8.00-19.45 
Library of Cognitive Science: Mon-Fri 8.30-18.45

icona eventiEVENTS

All non-virtual events have been suspended or cancelled.


For more information visit UnitrentoSport.


Meetings of Department and Centre Councils

Department Councils and Centre Councils meet online, as provided by article 3, paragraph 6, of the General University Regulation. All other collegial bodies can only meet remotely.

Administrative and technical activities

Technical and administrative activities will take place based on the provisions agreed. University staff has been informed.


From 14 september, university restaurants and canteens gradually reopen. It is necessary to book your place through https://opera4u.operaunitn.cloud/. For more information visit the Opera website.