Last updated on 6 April

Please remember to always wear a face mask.
If you have a fever, continuous cough, shortness of breath, if you are waiting to be tested or have tested positive for the coronavirus, and if you are living with someone who has Covid-19 or is waiting to be tested, you must:
- stay at home
- contact your doctor; or, call 112 and seek medical attention
- inform immediately the director (or the administration) of your Department or your supervisor of your health status.
You can contact the Covid-19 contact person at UniTrento: referente.covid [at]


Online teaching

Face-to-face teaching activities

All you need to know

How do you enter?

With the application UniTrentoApp! Install it on your smart phone and keep it up-to-date. You need it to self-certify the state of your health and register when you enter and exit. 
To check-in and check-out you have to login on the UniTrentoApp. 

You must have a address to use the app. Please note that, for reasons beyond our control, it may take up to 48 hours for your new email account to become fully active once you have registered with UniTrento.

If you have troubles with the app but you reserved your place or are on a list*, go to the reception and check-in by signing the access form, in which you declare that you are in good health.

Be aware: you can enter the building where lessons take place only on days (or half days) when lessons are scheduled for you. If you do not have authorisation, do not go to the department because you will not have access to the building. 

To guarantee the respect of social distancing in the classroom, departments may subdivide students in distinct groups (by the initial of surnames, matriculation number or other ways). You will find instructions about your lessons on the department's website.

You need to respect these instructions and be present only on the days and set time scheduled for your group; this will guarantee your participation in lessons will be safe. 

To receive the check-in on the UniTrentoApp you have to book online the lessons you will attend by accessing the calendar of your course of study. You can do this from the afternoon of Friday 11th September. You can book yourself into lessons for the following seven days, and this can anyway be done the day before each scheduled lesson.

Be aware: if you are a student of the Department of Engineering and Information Science, the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, or C3A, you do not have to book your place: you will be checked-in automatically, on your UniTrentoApp. From 28 September, this procedure will be adopted by the Department of Industrial Engineering too; read about the new access procedures on the Department’s website. 


The QR-Codes for the check-in and check-out are at the entrance of the departments. Avoid any queues or crowding and patiently wait for your turn maintaining a safe social distance. Make sure you are organised in time: you can check-in 50 minutes before and up to 5 minutes before the start of the lesson. Once the lesson has started you cannot enter the classroom. 

If you have two consecutive lessons to attend in the same classroom, you have to book both and be present for the beginning of the first lesson. If there is a scheduled break between lessons you will receive instructions on what to do.


Read the messages from your teacher on Moodle and check the timetable of your lessons. If one of the lectures you had planned to attend is cancelled, do not go to the department unless you have other classes on that day. It does not matter that your authorisation is still on UniTrentoApp.

If you need any clarifications or help with these guidelines, contact the class tutors of your department; you can find their contact details here:

In the Department
  • wear your face mask, covering both nose and mouth well; wear it for the entire time you are present in the building
  • if you use disinfectant surface cleaning wipes, dispose of them in the dedicated containers 
  • follow the signals and signs and the instructions from your teacher, the "classroom tutor" and UniTrento personnel regarding safety regulations 
  • do not hang around on the stairs or in corridors; go immediately to your classroom and if you need to go to the bathroom go before you enter the classroom 
  • avoid exchanging your personal objects with other people
  • stay within the building only for the time strictly necessary to attend lessons 
In the classroom
  • sterilise your hands before taking your seat: you will find the disinfectant gel dispenser at the entrance 
  • maintain order while entering, respecting social distancing 
  • only bring to class what is strictly necessary 
  • take your place going from the row at the back of the classroom following the sequence of clearly marked allotted places; leave your seat at the end of the lesson in the reverse order, from the first to the last row, leaving in an orderly way  
  • maintain the minimum distance of 1 m between yourself and other students and always go back to your own place, including reentering after any breaks 
  • clothes and bags should be placed in lockers where available. Choose the clothes hooks which are furthest from the rows of seats and leave an empty space between objects that are hung up 
  • there should be no bags or rucksacks on the desks or seats, not even on those that are not to be used 
  • limit your movements inside the classroom and do not leave during the lesson unless it is absolutely necessary 
  • do not touch and do not place anything on fan / air conditioning units 
If I feel unwell

If you feel unwell during a lesson, go to the department reception to have your temperature taken. If necessary, you will be accompanied to a dedicated area if you need to wait before returning home. 

If you are Sars-Cov-2 positive, immediately inform the head of the department detailing your movements around the university over the 14 days prior to feeling symptoms.


Go to the online Moodle community to stay informed without delay about the organization of each class, for both completely online distance courses and those that have some lessons in the classroom (blended courses). 

To access this, enter MyUnitn and install the “Accesso ai corsi online / Access online courses” widget from the dedicated area on the university website. 

Or go to, enter your credentials and click on 'Corsi online ai quali sei iscritto / Online courses you are enrolled on'. Search for the class / course you want to access. If you cannot find it, select 'Corsi online ai quali potresti iscriverti / Online courses you can enrol on' and search again. .

You need a address to access this information, and must have paid tuition fees.