CAFE Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environment – Call for the selections for the awarding of no. 1 research fellowship (Decree no. 01/2017)

Date of publication: 
29 May, 2017
19 June, 2017
Centro Agricoltura, Alimentazione, Ambiente

A selection process has been called for the awarding of no. 1 Research Fellowship (assegno per la collaborazione ad attività di ricerca) named “Application of the vibrational mating disruption in the open field” by CAFE – Centre for Agricolture, Food and Environment. The selection is based on the evaluation of qualifications and an interview may follow.

In order to apply please connect to the following link: and fill in the on line application form


Scientific Coordinator: 
prof. Gianfranco Anfora
Scientific Area(s): 
AGR/11 Entomologia generale e applicata
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