Department of Industrial Engineering – Call for the selections for the awarding of no. 1 research fellowship (Decree no. 213/2018)

Date of publication: 
20 November, 2018
10 December, 2018
Department of Industrial Engineering

A selection process has been called for the awarding of no. 1 Research Fellowship (assegno per la collaborazione ad attività di ricerca) named “Biosurfactant-based coatings for the inhibition of microbial adhesion on materials for medical use: experimental models, functionalization strategies and potential applications” by Department of Industrial Engineering. The selection is based on the evaluation of qualifications and an interview may follow.

In order to apply please connect to the following link: and fill in the on line application form


Scientific Coordinator: 
Dott. Giandomenico Nollo
Scientific Area(s): 
BIO/19 Microbiologia generale
Scientific Area(s): 
ING-INF/06 Bioingegneria elettronica e informatica
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