Please remember that you must have a Covid-19 vaccine certificate (Green Pass) to access University buildings and that face masks must be worn at all times.
If you have a fever, continuous cough, shortness of breath, if you are waiting to be tested or have tested positive for the coronavirus, and if you are living with someone who has Covid-19 or is waiting to be tested, you must:
- stay at home
- contact your doctor; or, call 112 and seek medical attention
- inform immediately the director (or the administration) of your Department or your supervisor of your health status.
You can contact the Covid-19 contact person at UniTrento: referente.covid [at]
Please see the new regulations for positive cases and close contacts in the attached file (Decree Law 229 of 30 December 2021: new regulations on quarantine), which are additional to the university's operational protocol and access rules.


The entire student community has had access to vaccines since July thanks to the collaboration between the University of Trento and the Provincial Health Care Services (APSS).
Read  the information about how to book a vaccine appointment.

icona bibliotecheSTUDY SPACES

No reservation is required to access study spaces. However, students are required to have a vaccination certificate (Green Pass) and to check in and out of the building, to monitor room occupancy at the different locations.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • only sit in designated places
  • if all places are taken, leave the building
  • no food is allowed
  • use wipes to clean your workstation when you leave
  • avoid gatherings inside and outside the building
  • open the windows to let fresh air in
  • check out when you leave

Failure to comply with the above rules will force the University to close the study spaces

Ferrari 1 Building, study room "Acquario"
Ferrari 2 Building, entrance hall
Mesiano, former library
Economics Building, ground floor study room
Law Building, via Rosmini foyer
Sociology Building, basement study room
Paolo Prodi Building, foyer
Palazzo Consolati, ground floor study room
Palazzo Piomarta, basement study rooms 


For information on opening hours and access procedures please visit the Library page

icona didattica TEACHING AND EXAMS


Classes will be in person. For more information on teaching and learning in the academic year 2021/2022 please visit the website of your Department or Centre. 


For the most part, exams will be in person at all departments and centres, with appropriate safety measures in place. Exams will be held remotely in the cases described in the attached file "Self-declaration for online exams".

To take exams remotely, students are required to submit a self-declaration:

Students who find themselves in one of the outlined cases and wish to take an exam remotely are required to follow these steps:

  • register for the exam
  • fill out the online self-declaration form
  • forward to the faculty responsible for the course the notification they will receive (at their @unitn email account) in reply to the self-declaration. This must be made in the 3 days preceding the exam, because the faculty may not be able to schedule remote exams without sufficient notice.
  • wait for instructions from the faculty.
  • for language tests, self-declarations must be sent to esamicla [at]

The University of Trento will conduct checks. In case of false declarations, the exam will be void.

Graduations and doctoral thesis defences

Master's degree sessions, undergraduate final dissertations and doctoral examinations will take place in person. All attendees are required to have a vaccination certificate and wear a face mask. In these cases, appropriate measures will be adopted to avoid gatherings in common spaces and classrooms at Departments and in nearby areas. The president of the graduation committee may suspend the session where measures are not observed.

This provision does not apply to the following candidates (who are still required to provide a justification): students with a physical disability and vulnerable students, students who tested positive for Covid-19, students in quarantine, students who are in areas they cannot leave because of travel restrictions, students who are unable to be present on the day of the exam because they have scheduled their vaccine appointment on the exam date or on the day immediately preceding or immediately following that day.

icona tirocini INTERNSHIPS


Curricular and extracurricular internships can take place in person, in work from home mode or in mixed mode, based on the availability and needs of the host institution and in compliance with the training programme agreed by the host institution and university tutor. 

icona programmi internazionaliINTERNATIONAL MOBILITY PROGRAMMES

International mobility programmes

Students who have been selected to participate in international mobility programmes are invited to read these guidelines:

icona ricercaRESEARCH

Laboratory and research work

For laboratory activities to take place, the containment and emergency measures must in any case remain in force. Authorised staff may remain within the laboratory only for the time necessary to perform a given task.

icona servizi agli studentiSTUDENT SERVICES

Office hours

Office hours will take place in-person or online.

Front office services

Services will be provided online or, where necessary, on appointment.

icona eventiEVENTS

Events (conferences, seminars, etc.) can take place in-person at University premises in compliance with Covid-19 restrictions adopted on 27.09.2021 by the Covid-19 point of contact and attached below.


For information on courses and sport facilities see UnitrentoSport.


Meetings of Department and Centre Councils and Collegial bodies

Meetings take place in-person. All members are required to wear a face mask.

Administrative and technical activities

Technical and administrative activities will take place based on the provisions agreed. University staff has been informed.


For more information visit the Opera website